Our Tools.

When you come onboard as a client, you become a partner.


Web Development..

We work with a range of web development tools, from React to PHP. What we choose totally depends on three things; your preference, your requirement and your budget.

Website Development Technologies

Content Management Systems..

Below are some of our preferred CMS. If you don’t have a preference, we will recommend a CMS to you. Here is a list of top CMS for 2020.

Content Management Systems

App Development..

We get asked this question a lot; do you build a native app, hybrid app or a PWA? Our approach is always to match your needs. However if you have the time, we recommend either Native or Hybrid apps, and if you are picky about your design, then Native is the only option for you.

App Development Technologies


We will help you choose the right database, unless you are already familiar with one. Our go to databases are MongoDB for MERN and MEAN stacks, Firebase for app development, MySQL for WordPress dev, and Django for Python. But we do also specialise in Oracle, and others, for enterprise clients.


Server and Storage..

There are many servers and services out there, and we are happy to work with the ones you have. However if you don’t already have a server / CDN in place, we recommend Google (Compute Engine / App Engine / Storage ), or Amazon (EC2 / S3 / CDN).

Cloud server and storage

Design Tools..

We believe that when it comes to design, you need to pick the right tool for your every need. We specialise in all of the below. From video editing in Premier Pro, to deep etching in Photoshop, designing in Sketch, to animating in Figma. We use them all.

Design tools

CRM and Marketing Automation..

We believe a good CRM is key for growth and scalability. It’s important to get your CRM and Marketing Automation right from the get go. You want to make sure that you capture every data interaction, every customer sentiment, and every metric that matters. But it’s also important that you communicate back to those customers in realtime. We definitely recommend picking one of the CRMs and MA’s from the list below. If you have your own, no problem, we will work with it.

CRM Automation

Marketing Tools….

We specialise in marketing technologies. From SEO to CRO; we’ve got you covered.

Marketing tools