“Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.”

Technology Services | Top Digital Marketing Agency | Alkye


Business Consulting

We consult with our clients to help them to transform into successful businesses of a modern economy, embracing digital as a central driver to future successes.



We bring innovation to client organizations by helping to launch new products & services, & conceptualizing new approaches to how they can do business.


Marketing Finance

Marketing Finance delivers key measurables which formulate growth strategies; calculating lifetime customer value, single profitability, & growth factors.


Market Research

The rapid pace of technological evolution means there is no single company without risk of disruption over the course of the next decade. Staying constantly informed of the market & all its players is key to business survival.


Growth Plan

We build a strategic growth plan which transforms & prepares businesses for uncertainty & market disruptions; from changing consumer habits, digital disruptions, new players entering the market, resourcing constraints & budgets. We map everything for you & create dashboards to track these metrics.


Leading & Lagging Benchmarks

We help clients to create tools to measure business performance; we setup leading indicators such as measuring the number of visits to their digital platforms, & lagging indicators such as profitability of their client interactions. So that you are continuously ahead of the curve.