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Pivoting – When Is The Right Time To Pivot?

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All entrepreneurs and businesses hit hard times and tough choices. Some survive because they stick to their original idea, while others survive because they pivot. There are different types of pivots and each type of pivot requires making a significant change to the existing business model. But, to make a pivot successful one must have […]

Retargeting Campaign – The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Retargeting Campaign

Marketing |

We have spoken about the importance of retaining and acquiring customers before. Customer retention and acquisition are important for businesses as a growth driver. Statistically, 97% of customers who visit a company’s website leave without ever making a purchase. Retargeting campaigns are designed to attract these customers. It is a strategic move to remind visitors […]

Next Generation IoT – The New Disruptive Technology You Need To Know About

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive technology that is changing the way physical things interact with each other. The rich data collected by these interconnected devices have allowed digital companies to transform their products and services. The new generation of IoT systems is built with inherent embedded intelligence, connectivity, and data processing capabilities […]

UX – How To Design An Excellent User Experience?

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The definition of user experience (UX) is contentious. The term user experience is too broad and contains multiple dimensions. User experience takes different iterations even within the UX community. Multiple disciplines come under user experience such as interaction design, usability engineering, and information architecture. The term “user experience” was coined by Dr Donald Norman, a […]