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The Growth Of Robotics In A Post-COVID Era

Technology |

Today, we are witnessing a bigger proliferation of robotics in every industry- healthcare, pharmaceutical, automobile, and more. In a post-COVID era, robotics alongside artificial intelligence is paving the way for ‘contact-less’ solutions that can help solve everyday problems. Robots have been used in hospitals and healthcare centres for cleaning/disinfecting premises, delivering food, medicines, and other […]

Total Experience – The New Buzzword Everyone Should Know About

Business |

It is no longer sufficient for brands to sell a product; they need to sell an experience. Total-experience (TX), an intersection of customer, employee, and user experience, is a new concept that is anticipated to become a priority for tech and retail companies in the future.  According to Gartner, TX will become a key metric […]

How To Leverage Social Media To Build Brand Awareness?

Marketing |

Brand awareness is critical for companies to acquire new customers. Social media platforms have become the digital gateway for customers to engage with and shop from their preferred brands. Businesses are leveraging social media as an interactive medium to build brand awareness and find new leads. Marketing teams are using social media analytics to create […]

Top Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Business |

The way businesses had to rapidly adjust their strategies to ensure that they mitigate the risks of the pandemic and survive the financial and operational crisis will shape the trends for the coming year. Digital transformations and pivots are creating more opportunities in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer products, media, and technology. Improvements in […]