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How To Drive Growth With Winning Customer-Centric Content?

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The reality is that customer-centric companies stand out more and fare better with their target audience. When the customer is at the centre of every business decision, the end result is a product that customers love and adore. Building a customer-centric content strategy is an opportunity for companies to form a solid following, generate high-quality […]

How To Create A Better Demand Generation Campaign?

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Demand generation is an important part of growing a company’s clientele. It is meant to nurture prospects and get them excited about the company’s products and services. Demand generation requires the alignment of sales and marketing efforts. A comprehensive demand generation campaign can help the sales team target the right buyers and secure a better […]

How Digital Transformation Can Help Businesses Align Their Marketing And Sales To Drive Growth?

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It has been nearly a quarter-century since commercial use of the Internet and the World Wide Web began. During this time, the business landscape has changed at a frantic pace. Large multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Uber have emerged as key players in our modern economy. Digital marketing extends beyond […]

What Is Phygital Marketing?

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Phygital marketing is an omnichannel marketing approach and it’s helping businesses to create seamless customer experiences. Phygital brings together both digital and real-life physical experiences to deliver superior, interactive, and immersive experiences at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Phygital marketing has proven to be a critical element for the survival of brick and mortar […]