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Youtube integrating advanced analytics to measure views and revenue.
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Youtube Integrating Advanced Analytics to Measure Views and Revenue

March 22, 2022

Do you want to boost the quality of your YouTube content creation and promotion efforts? 

You should be familiar with YouTube Analytics if you use YouTube for business. If you want to make money directly from your YouTube content. Also simply use YouTube as a marketing platform, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Any YouTube marketing strategy should include tracking YouTube analytics. 

What is Youtube Analytics?

YouTube is one of Google’s most popular and well-known video-sharing platforms. Which allows individuals and businesses to create channels and upload various videos. You can create content on YouTube and share it with the rest of the world for entertainment, business, or social good.

A YouTuber is any user who has a channel and uploads videos to YouTube. YouTubers can play a variety of roles, including video creator, producer, voice-over artists, translator, gamer, vlogger, editor, and so on, in order to keep their channel active and profitable. It also allows them to keep track of important metrics and statistics to manage their channels better.

Features of Youtube Analytics

  • Subscriber Count: The subscriber count gives you an idea of how many organic views your next video will receive. Organic views are those obtained without the use of paid campaigns, promotions, e-mails, or social media marketing. You can expect nearly 5% of your subscriber base to convert into views. If you have 10,000 subscribers, you can expect your video to receive 500 organic views.
  • Subscribers From Videos: People subscribe to a channel if the content is interesting and relevant to them. The YouTube Analytics Data allows you to keep track of how many subscribers your videos are bringing you on a daily basis. It’s a good metric if your videos can get you more than 1% of the subscribers per view. This means you should get one subscriber for every 100 views on your video.
  • Average View Duration and Percentage Viewed: When properly analysed, the “Average View Duration” and “Average Percentage Viewed” provide useful information. It’s possible that YouTube marketers regard it as the most valuable metric. The Average View Duration indicates how long people want to watch your video and when they begin to leave. 
  • Video Management Report: The overall success of your channel is determined by how engaging your videos are for your viewers. The more interesting your video is the more likes, comments, shares, and subscribers you will receive. You’re on the right track if your video has a 1% engagement rate. When your video views are around 300, you can consider 2 likes and 1 comment to be a good engagement.
  • Traffic Sources: Suggested Videos, or videos to play listed on the right side of the screen. These are highly recommended videos, and they are one of the most popular traffic sources. Create relevant and appealing thumbnails with catchy titles to increase traffic to the suggested videos.

Why Measure YouTube Analytics?

YouTube analytics is a data-driven approach to determining the effectiveness of your video content and determining if there is a disconnect between content and your goal.

  1. After Facebook, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform for brands to post online videos. YouTube is rapidly expanding, with 2 billion monthly users. You can learn how to increase your online viewership by using YouTube analytics.
  1. It’s critical to know your audience inside and out in order to create engaging YouTube videos. YouTube analytics provide you with a comprehensive picture of your audience’s interests. As well as demographic information such as gender, location, and preferred devices. Applying these findings to your upcoming video marketing campaign can help you better connect with your target audience.
  1. Analytics can assist you in determining what type of content your target audience prefers. You can gain a better understanding of what content resonates the most with your target audience by analysing the data. You can also plan your content strategy based on which titles are getting the most clicks or which topics are getting the most engagement.
  1. The knowledge gained from YouTube analytics can be incorporated into your non-video marketing efforts. Measuring video metrics allows you to learn more about your audience, which allows you to find new ways to deliver a key message or place a call to action.

Final Thoughts

Your YouTube channel’s analytics are at its heart. These metrics provide information about the current state of your YouTube channel, as well as the performance of your content. In order to boost brand growth and conversion rates, YouTube analytics ensures quality monitoring and proactive work toward best practices. Additionally, keep an eye on your YouTube analytics to ensure that your strategy is sound. 

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