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Women in Tech: A Powerful Mix of Business and Competence.
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Women in Tech: A Powerful Mix of Business and Competence

October 15, 2021

Women are breaking through the glass ceiling that once stood between them and their male counterparts in the world of technology, delivering incredible results alongside them.”

Women have successful careers in technology, and the industry as a whole has made strides toward creating a more welcoming workplace for women of all backgrounds. Despite this, more work needs to be done to ensure that women can thrive while balancing their lifestyles and advancing their careers.

As the digital world has altered our daily lives, from how we work to how we live, there has been a growing push among women to advance to senior management positions in their respective organizations. Because of the increasing number of well-known organizations in the tech world, the trend toward women in leadership positions appears to be on the rise. Women play critical roles in all industries, including science and technology. Women of today have gone above and beyond, touching the sky.

Maintaining a work-life balance for women used to be difficult, but we now live in an era where women are leaders in a variety of industries, so this is no longer a barrier. Women are multitaskers, and they are taught to care for their families while working.

Why Technology needs Women

Technology has changed the way people do business, think, behave, communicate, and work in various work environments.

It is promising to see the number of females in the tech industry. Women are no longer expected to stay at home and care for their children while their husbands go to work. Women in high-tech careers are becoming more common these days, with many entering the technology sector. Their presence not only dispels the myth that technology-related careers are only available to men but also makes the tech industry feel more approachable and down-to-earth.

Benefits of Women in Tech World

  • A diverse workforce is an innovative workforce: Diversity has been shown to foster creativity and innovation, from gender diversity to culture, age, and race. Many companies across industries are attempting to prioritize and reap the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

    Men and women will inevitably come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives on business. Challenging one another and collaborating with people who think differently can help to foster creativity and promote innovative ideas that propel businesses forward.
  • Women excel at the soft skills needed for business leadership: While technical knowledge and skill are important for career advancement, CEOs consistently rank soft skills as the most desirable professional qualities. Although difficult to quantify, qualities like effective communication, empathy, and self-awareness are highly valued and can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Recent research has found a link between strong character and business performance, with CEOs who score high on compassion and integrity seeing a 9.35 percent return on assets over the course of two years.

    Women in business may find that soft skills and emotional intelligence provide a significant competitive advantage. Emotional self-awareness, empathy, conflict resolution, adaptability, and teamwork were all listed as essential skills for effective leadership in the workplace.
  • Women represent huge economic power and offer important consumer insight: Women are estimated to contribute more than $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, making them a larger growth market than China and India combined. Women make up 85 percent of all consumer purchases.

    Despite this, women account for only 11% of advertising creative directors, up from 3% in 2008. It’s unsurprising that women feel undervalued and underserved by the marketplace, according to a comprehensive study conducted by Boston Consulting Group on the “female economy.” With the power of the female consumer in mind, it’s clear that females are best positioned to take advantage of the chance and contribute valuable consumer insight.

Final Thought

At Alkye, as a business, we work hard to promote equality in the workplace. Alkye offers a strong personal development plan to both female and male employees to develop their technical skills in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our Alkye team inspires women in technology, employing female app developers, web developers, content teams, social media teams, digital marketing, sales, and leadership teams. We train our team in the latest emerging technologies, offering them the best skills in the market. Therefore the Alkye team is able to deliver the best performing, quality and efficient products to clients.

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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