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Apple WWDC24
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Why WWDC24 Will Be The Most Electrifying Developer Conference

June 8, 2024

Some exciting Apple software and technology advancements are coming soon! 

A recent announcement from Apple indicated that everything is ready for the 35th annual developer conference, WWDC24, scheduled for June 10-14, 2024. 

Here is a description of the event:

  • Key Dates: This will be held on June 10th.
  • How to Watch: You can use the online session on YouTube for free, the Apple developer app, or the Apple website.
  • Software Updates: Major advancements to be expected from the Apple software updates are macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, in particular the integration of AI.
  • Potential New Hardware: New hardware updates that you can expect are Macs with M3 chips, new Apple TV, or smart home gadgets.
  • For Developers: Expanded machine learning capabilities, new features, and improvements to Swift are expected.

Apple users, get ready for innovation!

Latest Software Enhancements

Apple’s new updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, HomePodOS, and watchOS will be presented at WWDC24.

  • iOS 18

iOS 18 is rumored to be Apple’s biggest update yet. The most significant refresh since its inception back in 2007 when the first iPhone launched, and that’s a huge deal. Do have details emerging about potential new home screen customisations RCS (Rich Communication Services) support for messages and of course lots of AI-based features not only for just Siri but other apps across the OS. 

Things we might expect in iOS 18 include:

  1. Integral improvements to applications like Messages, Maps, and Apple Pay offer businesses new opportunities to enhance customer engagement. Businesses can leverage enhanced messaging and mapping tool features to provide better customer service and better logistics or delivery services. Alkye Services can help your business adopt, grow, and integrate these technologies effectively. 
  1. To increase productivity and efficiency, the iPad should enable more tasks and manage information more logically and efficiently. Businesses can promise faster documentation and reduced disruption to their workflow. Alkye Services possesses and is immersed in an understanding of digital transformation, apps, and branding strategies for businesses to not just survive but flourish in the current proliferative market.
  1. Easier ways to use your Apple gadgets together – iOS 18 aims to make using multiple Apple devices together easier than ever. With improved Handoff functionality, you can seamlessly switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, continuing your tasks without interruption.
  • iPadOS 18

Apple might make it easier for iPads users to do several things at once, such as:

  1. Navigation within an App – You can often open another window of an app by clicking on another tab or pulling down another window from the top of the screen.
  2. Sorting apps better – Improved app sorting and organisation will enable users to manage their workspace more effectively
  3. Updating basic apps to use the big iPad screen better. 

These changes may positively impact iPads and make them more suitable for work. The multitasking improvements in iPadOS 18 can be leveraged by businesses to increase productivity. Employee efficiency increases when jobs may be switched more smoothly within apps.

  • watchOS 11
  1. More Accessibility Features: Apple will roll out many new accessibility features, such as advanced voice control, advanced screen reader functionality, speech continuity, personal voice, and enhanced touch assists. These features of watchOS will improve performance, interfaces can be customised, and assistive technology users will have access to new tools.
  1. Improved Messaging and Reporting: Companies can benefit from this by improving customer satisfaction through timely and easy-to-contact customer communication.
  1. Combine third-party apps: Apple has made it possible to directly integrate third-party apps with its advanced watch face optimisation feature.
  • macOS 15 is available

The MacOS 15 update can add:

  1. Smart Typing and Voice features – macOS 15 is poised to include the same smart typing and voice functionalities found in iOS 18. This includes intelligent device-to-device transfer. Users will experience enhancements in typography, accessibility, and overall convenience.
  1. Better use of Apple’s chips.
  1. Improved productivity and easy switching between Apple devices.
  1. Improvements to essential applications such as Safari, Maps, and Messages, provide new features, improved performance, and an intuitive user experience on the macOS platform.
  • tvOS 18 is available

For Apple TV we predict:

  1. AI-Enabled Siri: It is expected that Apple will upgrade Siri with AI capabilities in tvOS 18, which will improve Siri’s usability. 
  1. Apple Music SharePlay: Apple music shareplay might make a return in tvOS 18, as it was removed from tvOS 17.4 beta. 
  1. FaceTime Camera: Rumors have it that tvOS 18 will include a built-in Facetime camera, to enhance video calling on Apple TV. 
  1. Improved Performance: We can expect better performance in tvOS 18 this year, although specific details are not available yet. 
  • Developer Tools and Resources

Apple plans to offer developers:

  1. Upgraded Xcode: A new integrated tool is set to bring about an improvement in this process by enhancing the ability to develop apps that are quality in every aspect and all this is set to be done within a shorter period as compared to previous instances. 
  1. Swift Programming Language update: Swift, Apple’s powerful and user-friendly programming language is also ready for a major update. Alkye Services, a leading Swift app developer, leverages the power of Swift technology to create innovative solutions for businesses. With our expertise and innovative approach, businesses can leverage Swift’s advanced features to achieve a seamless user experience, improve productivity, and stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace
  1. Better ways to use machine learning and create widgets: Using machine learning to create advanced widgets enhances user experience, streamlines processes, and provides personalised services. By leveraging machine learning to create scalable widgets, businesses can deliver high-quality data-driven user experiences to stay ahead of today’s dynamic marketplace. 
  1. New Online Spaces for Collaboration: Apple will introduce new online spaces for developer collaboration.

Potential New Hardware

The main focus of WWDC is software development, although there were a few hardware changes that application developers might find interesting at Apple’s keynote. Now for the disclosure: Now for the disclosure:

  • New Macs with M3 Chips
  1. Mac Pro: Equipped with M3-type processors to improve performance for tasks such as video editing or modeling complex structures.
  1. Mac Studio: Supports the S3 M3 chips, with increased capacity compared to the previous version.
  1. Mac mini: Thanks to M3 chips, it’s nice but also affordable for those looking to get a desktop computer.
  • Other Potential Hardware
  1. Affordable Display: The best external display to use is the more robust Pro Display XDR.
  1. Apple TV Upgrade: New Apple TV with M3 chip.
  1. Smart Home Gadgets: Devices that make your home smart and work seamlessly with Apple’s home system.

Despite these potential hardware announcements, the focus will be on major software updates. 

Apple’s Strategy for AI and Machine Learning

Coming to WWDC24, it looks like Apple will have more plans for AI. Highlights include:

  • Increased voice command speed and speech recognition to provide optimal user interaction.
  • Improvements introduce environmental sensing for gaming and camera applications.
  • It includes aspects such as improved device performance, speed, and personalisation, while at the same time protecting user data to enhance personalised services.

To achieve its strategic goals, Apple has to pursue a plan to become a leading AI company, offering intelligent, personalised, and secure technologies. All these will also help enhance more complex AI apps on Apple interfaces, making interfaces better for end users. It also helps business organisations deliver the best personalised and integrated experience.

For more insights into these enhancements and updates, you can follow Marques Brownlee, a major influencer in the tech space. 

Final Thoughts

WWDC24 is about innovation and the future of technology! This event is all set to be a landmark event, showcasing some of Apple’s commitment to technology. Get ready for a dynamic and electrifying developer conference session.

Shikha Rana

Words by
Shikha Rana

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