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Why Video Content Is King?

May 19, 2020

It is well established that “content is king”. What started as a phrase coined by billionaire Bill Gates has proven to be the tried and tested truth of the 21st Century Digital Age. For the internet-driven generation, video content is the absolute king.

It’s no secret that creating relevant content around your brand is very important to connect your target audience. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, businesses have leveraged video content to create attractive and genius ads to promote their brands and gain customers. The consumption and demand for video continue to grow, with an astonishing 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content from businesses and brands they admire. Video content has proven to be the most effective marketing tool when compared to print ads, direct mail, and audio promotions combined. A 2019 report stated that 87% of marketing experts employ video content as part of their marketing strategy because of its ability to generate higher ROI & lead generation. 

The human brain can process visual imagery 60,000 times faster than text. Hence video content is easier for viewers to consume as they can retain 95% of the information watching a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Why Should You Invest In Video Content?
Customer engagement
Video content is really effective at grabbing viewers’ attention. Statistically, your customers would prefer a video promotion over a print ad. Videos engage your potential audience more than other forms of content. Given the short span of attention of human beings, video is a better way of conveying information and easier for viewers to consume and retain.

Creative concepts
Video content can be a great way to promote your product or service. It gives you far more creative freedom compared to text-based content. Creative, attractive and unique videos can help you grab the attention of your prospective audience. Videos and visual imagery in general have a higher rate of retention than text. So investing in unique visual concepts that demonstrate the passion of your business to bring exceptional user experience can really work wonders for your brand awareness.

Internet users spend 88% of their time browsing websites with video content. Recent surveys show that internet users under the age of 36 spend more time watching videos online than watching television. It also states that users spend a weekly average of 6 hours 48 minutes watching online videos. This global trend is set to grow exponentially in the future. With such convincing stats, it’s only wise for businesses to create more video content to enhance customer engagement and retention.

Video content is great for SEO. Google and other search engines give a lot of importance to video content. The more videos you have on your website and social media channels, the better your ranking will be on SERPs. Videos drive organic traffic by a whopping 157%. Websites with embedded videos generate 55% more traffic than those without videos. So to grow your web traffic, video content is crucial.

Social media friendly
All social media platforms like Facebook, SnapchatInstagramYouTube and more have video functionalities that help you to connect to your potential and existing customers. Social media is an effective marketing channel that can get you instant brand awareness. Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than texts and images combined. Since social media platforms are very video-friendly, adding videos to all your social media channels can really amplify your brand awareness and drive growth.

Conversion rates
A survey by Wowzyl in 2018 showed that every 8 out of 10 users purchased an app or software after watching the brand’s video. The same survey also showed that a whopping 96% of users use videos to learn about a particular brand’s products and services. Videos give consumers more confidence in a product or service and give them an opportunity to connect emotionally. Videos with highly relevant and engaging content can drive consumers to take positive action and that can dramatically increase your sales.

Final Thoughts
Video content is essential for a business’s growth and is a crucial tool to demonstrate the unique selling features of your business. It allows your audience to know you and your business on a more personal level. It really helps to create a positive user experience. At Alkye, we help our client to create a variety of content including video content that can really help your business engage better with your customers and become a competitive market leader.

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Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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