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Why Is UI/UX Design A Critical Part Of A Modern Business’s Growth
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Why Is UI/UX Design A Critical Part Of A Modern Business’s Growth?

January 29, 2021

UI/UX defines a business’s success because it defines user satisfaction. Most visitors leave a website after 10-20 secs and most users abandon apps after a month of use. The common denominator in these statistics is poor UI/UX. When a company invests in good UI/UX design, they create a better user experience which enhances customer satisfaction and eventually helps businesses grow. UI/UX has become a critical component of digital businesses because it helps to create a product that is user-friendly, comprehensive, and appealing to the customer. The concept of UI/UX focuses on designing products and services from the perspective of how a prospective user would use the product and how can the user’s experience with the product be improved. In a competitive business environment, UI/UX can help companies attract and retain customers and improve ROI.

A well-designed user interface can raise a website’s conversion rate by up to 200% meanwhile better UX design can yield conversion rates up to 400%. A Forrester study has shown that every $1 invested in user experience design brings $100 in return. Good UI/UX improves the customer journey by creating a memorable experience and that helps to improve engagement. Top companies with benchmark user experience have been known to outperform the S&P index by 35%. There are exponential benefits to good UI/UX design but it’s also vital for businesses to understand that poor UI/UX can lead to customer churn and adversely affect their growth. Studies show that 70% of customers abandon purchases because of bad user experiences while 67% of customers claim unpleasant experiences as a reason for churn. A modern business’s priority is to adopt a holistic approach to customer experience and create new revenue-generating streams through delightful, customer-centric products and services.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI, or user interface, is a feature of an application that enables users to interact with the product. It encompasses design elements such as color, font, icons, illustrations, etc as well as branding and layout. Great UI design focuses on anticipating a user’s preference. It focuses not only on visual aesthetics but also on responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility. UI is a part of UX. 

UX, or user experience, encapsulates web and app design from a holistic perspective. UX encompasses all aspects of end-user interaction with the company, its products, and services. Well-designed UX is all about enhancing usability, accessibility, and the experience of using the product. UX designers overlook how an end-user would interact with the product and always consider the user’s preferences, perceptions, emotions, and feelings when creating an application.

Why is UI/UX design important?

Increases customer satisfaction

Good UI/UX design increases customer satisfaction because well-designed applications are a joy to use and interact with. It makes the application more noticeable among the competition. A bad UI/UX trend to drive away customers. Most users abandon a website or an app if they don’t find them user-friendly or interactive enough. UI/UX has the power to attract customers and engage users thereby helping companies to increase traffic.

Customer retention

An effective UI/UX design is critical for repeat customers and preventing churn. If people enjoy using an application on their first try they are more likely to come back for a second purchase. Easy accessibility, usability, and personalized buyer journeys play a vital role in retaining customers. Repeat customers bring in more business for the company. Customer retention is a priority for modern businesses as acquiring new customers can be much more expensive than retaining existing customers.


UI/UX design is a vital component of digital branding. Branding has a direct implication on a company’s credibility and public image. UI/UX design can make a company’s visual identity instantly recognizable. Enhanced brand recognition can drive more traffic and breed customer loyalty. 

Increases conversions

Good UX has the power to move users to their destination in the most efficient way. This helps to improve conversion rates. UX has an exponential impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. UI/UX design is known to increase the users’ willingness to pay by 14.4%, reduce their reluctance to switch brands by 15.8%, and boost their likelihood to recommend a product by 16.6%. Improved conversions ultimately feed the company’s bottom line and catapults growth.

Improves SEO

The quality of the user experience is tightly integrated with search engine optimization (SEO). Google strives to deliver the best search satisfaction to its customer and the ranking of a website depends on its policies. A well-designed and user-friendly website is more relevant to Google than one that isn’t. Good UI/UX design enables a website to rank better on the SERPs.

Final Thoughts

The goal of most products is to generate simple solutions for complex problems. UI/UX design plays a vital role in product development and usability of products and services. Well-designed applications have the potential to grow business through elevated customer experience and better customer engagement. At Alkye, we offer clients web development and app development services to help them generate higher business statistics and earn more revenue.

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