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What new is coming up with Android 13!
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What New Is Coming Up With Android 13!

March 22, 2022

Android 13 is an exciting next chapter in Google’s popular operating system. Following last year’s Android 12 release, which shook things up by introducing the bold new material you designed. We all expect Google to continue developing this new visual style and position it more prominently across the Android operating system. As well as encourage third-party manufacturers to adopt more aspects of it.

When Is Android 13 Coming Out?

The development timeline on Google’s developer preview site indicates that Android 13 will be released earlier than in previous years. Google plans to reach platform stability in June, the final stage before the public release. Google states that the Android 13 release date is most likely in early September 2022.

Which phones will get Android 13?

Most current and upcoming phones will eventually support Android 13. We anticipate that only Pixel 3 series phones will be eligible for the Android 13 update, with most other phone manufacturers opting out. However, it will take some time before all eligible phones receive the update. One thing is certain: the initial developer build will be limited to Pixel phones only. We anticipate that, following the official announcement of Android 13. Google will extend support to other phone brands as well. However, it’s impossible to predict which manufacturers will participate: while a large number of phone manufacturers took part in the Android 10 beta a few years ago, the list has dwindled with Android 11 and Android 12.

Android 13 Features

  • Notification Permission: The inclusion of runtime permissions for the device microphone and camera. It allows users to disable access to the necessary hardware completely and was one of the beneficial privacy-related features with Android 12. The same functionality appears to be being extended to notifications as well. Apps will have to ask for permission to display notifications before they do so, thanks to “POST NOTIFICATIONS,” a feature that will be baked into Android 13. 

This will undoubtedly help users with a large number of apps to reduce notification clutter. Users can currently deny each app the ability to send notifications, but this is often done by default, which can easily lead to notification overload.

  • Panlingual: This rumored upcoming feature of Tiramisu makes perfect sense as Android strives to be the all-encompassing software package. Have you ever wondered why different apps can’t have different languages? Android 13 will apparently allow you to change languages per app and have your phone’s interface in a different language, indicating that Google has been on the same page.

However, in order for the panlinguistic feature to work as intended, the corresponding app must have the necessary language strings enabled. This feature would be undoubtedly helpful to multilingual Android users or those attempting to learn a new language.

  • New volume picker: Google appears to be planning to redesign the audio output menu which was announced alongside Android 10. Also allows you to choose which device to stream audio to. You can now quickly switch between paired Bluetooth devices to which you can cast audio or video from this menu. 
  • Lock screen customisation: While Android has always been a little light on lock screen customization. As this has traditionally been the domain of third-party Android skins and interfaces. The lock screen in Android 12’s current version is adorned with a larger-than-life clock that is striking to look at but not particularly informative. Users of Android 13 appear to be able to enable an expanded and more informative lock screen layout. It displays your notifications beneath a smaller version of the clock. The clock will revert to its default large state once the notifications have been read and cleared. 
  • Phantom Process Killer: This kind of feature keeps track of all running apps and only allows up to 32 forked child processes to run in the background at a time. This will prevent background apps from taking up too much of the phone’s processing power.
  • QR code scanner shortcut: It is a low-cost and easily accessible way for businesses to direct users to a specific webpage without having to interact with them directly. In response to the renewed importance of QR codes, Google has added a handy shortcut to launch a QR code scanner in Android 13. It includes a new Quick Setting tile for launching a QR code scanner. 

Final Thought

At Alkye Services, we help our clients stay on top of the market, their competitors, and technological trends. We can also help you design and develop cutting-edge technology for new apps and websites. Our mission is to help you grow your company, stay competitive, and stay relevant to your customers.

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Nicola Bond

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