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Twitter Is Officially Adding Podcasts
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Twitter Is Officially Adding Podcasts

September 2, 2022

Twitter links people from all over the world with unique and engaging voices. With podcasts, we’re bringing that relationship to a whole new level.

Twitter has officially entered the podcast business. The social network said today that podcasts would be added to its site as part of the new Spaces tab. On iOS and Android, a restricted set of English-speaking users can now access the podcast functionality and the updated Spaces tab.

With the redesign, “Stations” tailored to individual users are introduced. These “Stations” compile content based on several categories, such as news, music, sports, and more. The books you are suggested to read will depend on the subjects and influencers you follow. Users of Twitter can now access a customised selection of recorded and live Spaces. The hubs will also include content from the most popular podcasts from around the world. You can give a podcast a thumbs up or down after discovering it to let Twitter know whether or not its content interests you.

Integrating podcasts into Twitter Spaces

By including podcasts into Spaces, where audio conversations take place on Twitter, we are continuing to promote audio creators in another way. To do this in a simple and natural way that allows listeners to just press play and go, we began with a new audio experience in the Spaces Tab. 

With this update, customizable hubs are included, which organise audio content into categories like news, music, sports, and more. Now that Spaces are available both live and on-demand, Twitter listeners will have easier access to a more individualised selection of Spaces discussing the subjects that are most important to them.

However, the choice doesn’t end there. The most well-liked and interesting podcasts from around the globe will also be featured on these new hubs. We’ll automatically propose interesting podcasts to help people find and listen to the topics they want to learn more about because our internal data shows that 45% of US Twitter users also listen to podcasts on a regular basis. As an illustration, if a user frequently engages with Vox content on Twitter, they are likely to find a Vox podcast in a Spaces hub.

Testing the new Twitter Spaces, including podcasts

We’re always trying to improve the way people interact with artists and make Twitter the hub of the most fascinating conversations, from spaces and podcasts to newsletters and notes.

A group of English-speaking users around the world will be able to access the redesigned Spaces Tab on iOS and Android as of right now. Keep an eye out for additional announcements and feature releases here to help you experience Twitter on your terms. 

Final Thoughts

At Alkye, we help our clients keep up with market, competitive, and technological trends. We can also help you design and develop cutting-edge technology for new apps and websites. 

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