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Twitter Brings Premium Video Content For The Advertisers
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Twitter Brings Premium Video Content For The Advertisers

May 7, 2022

Twitter announced the latest updates to pre-roll, including the launch of Curated categories to better serve advertisers.

People use Twitter to keep up with what’s going on in the world and to share their reactions in real-time. Twitter partnerships with FOX sports, NBCUniversal, Buzzfeed and Hearts help us deliver premium video content that reflects and generations new buzz about what our audience is passionate about. 

Twitter, as in previous years, returned to the Digital Content NewFronts this year to pitch and advertise on its upcoming premium video content slate. We’re thrilled to announce 16 live streaming content deals spanning sports, news, and entertainment, which will provide Twitter with hundreds of hours of new premium video content.

Live syndications, new exclusive original live programming, live games and events, and extensions of existing live deals are all possibilities. Always-on live streaming content onto the platform is all part of the announcement. Sponsoring premium video content at scale opens up new opportunities for brands to reach passionate and engaged audiences.

Digital Content NewFronts

In 2012, AOL, DigitasLBi, Google/YouTube, Hulu, Microsoft, and Yahoo launched the Digital Content NewFronts, an annual series of events. It is dedicated to forming beneficial collaborations between brands and native digital content. Our goal is to turn the NewFronts into a new and practical marketplace for connecting brands and their media and marketing agencies with the wealth of digital content and content creators.

Growing Premium Video On Twitter

People have always used Twitter to keep up with what’s going on in the world and discuss it.  Over the last four years, we’ve worked with the world’s top TV networks, sports leagues, publishing houses & magazines. Also, professional news outlets bring users video content on topics they’re already talking about on the platform. In 2016, we began work on bringing live streaming video to Twitter with the goal of creating a single-screen experience for great live content and the conversation that surrounds it. To reach a large number of engaged audiences, brands align with all of this content.  

Twitter live video and amplify businesses now work hand-in-hand as we grow our premium video business to over 200 premium video publishers from the most popular Twitter categories, including sports and esports, news, creators, and entertainment.

Now, here’s how Twitter is responding to the momentum by introducing exciting updates to our Twitter Amplify ad offerings:

  • Curated Category: Collection of publishers curated on Twitter and organised around a common theme. Our curated categories group together niche topics like lighthearted content, football, basketball, soccer, or gaming personalities. Allowing advertisers to run their pre-roll ads exclusively against video content from publishers covering the selected topic. The publishers in each of our Curated Categories are always hand-picked by Twitter teams for their relevance and ability to drive conversation around the topic of their category, ensuring a deeper level of contextual alignment for brands.
  • Redesigns and Revamps: We’re also changing how people see pre-roll ads in the timeline, as well as how advertisers see pre-roll ads when creating campaigns. For pre-roll ads across all Twitter Amplify offerings, we’ve launched a clearer, more performant design and viewer experience. The changes include displaying advertisers’ brand logos prominently throughout the ad and adding additional labeling to improve clarity and drive better brand metrics. In comparison to our previous pre-roll design2, these minor changes resulted in a 10% increase in ad recall and a 7% increase in brand favorability.

Then, using the pre-roll views objectively, Twitter unveiled a brand new campaign set-up experience for advertisers, making publisher pairing selection easier and more intuitive than ever. When advertisers select their targeting, they’ll be able to see our entire library of publisher content category offerings (including Curated Categories where they’re available), allowing them to make the best pairing decision for their brand. 

Advantages Of Advertise On Twitter

Help you with your business goals:

  • Reach Potential Customers: Promotes your Tweets to get your messages in front of people who aren’t already following you.
  • Measures Results In Real-time: Keep track of how many people follow you and how they react to each of the tour Tweets.
  • Gain More Followers: Promote tour accounts to quickly grow your community of high-value followers and drive traffic. 

How Does It Work?

  • Choose Your Targeting Audience: Target your right audience based on their interests, locations, gender, device, or users who are similar to your followers. Additionally, target keywords in people’s Tweets to increase the relevance of your messages.
  • Amplify Your Messages and Get Discovered: Increase the number of people who see your Tweets and follow you on Twitter.
  • Set a Budget and Pay for What Works: Users only pay when they follow your account, retweet, like, reply, or click on your Promoted Tweet. You have complete command. There is no minimum spend, and you can begin and end your subscription at any time.

Final Thoughts

To find out what will work best for you, speak with an Alkye Specialist. Our mission is to help you expand your business, stay ahead of the competition, and stay relevant to your customers.

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