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Snapchat’s Dress Up Feature Turns Your Phone Into An AR Shopping Mall
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Snapchat’s Dress-Up Feature Turns Your Phone Into An AR Shopping Mall

April 30, 2022

AR makes virtually trying on almost everything a lot easier. 

According to a universal internet rule, people must shop where they socialise. Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and nearly every other social network and messaging app have spent the last few years attempting to sell every pixel of your chats and photos with a single click. 

Snap announced a slew of new platform features at its annual Snap Partner Summit. The camera app company announced that it now has 600 million monthly active users and over 332 million daily active users worldwide. Over the last few years, Snapchatters, as the app’s users are known, have shared over 6 billion times of Snapchat content from partner’s apps, such as songs from Spotify or tweets from Twitter. 

How AR Can Shape Businesses Future Digital Growth

Professionals in the field of social media marketing are interested in learning how new technologies will impact future social media. Consider how critical it is for companies to to capitalising on new trends when marketing to prospective customers. In general, technological advancements have resulted in new social media trends. Social media was created as a result of technological advancements. As a result, as technology advances, things will change.

Augmented reality is one of the new technologies that will have an impact on future social media trends. Examine the most recent advancements in social media apps. As well as enhancement to those that already exist. Future social media trends will undoubtedly be shaped by augmented reality. Augmented reality experiences can be sensed and witnessed by users of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder, among other platforms.

One of the first social media platforms to experiment with augmented reality was Snapchat. Snapchat users have already started experimenting with the platform’s new augmented reality features. Users of Snapchat can make their own augmented reality lenses. This comes after the 2017 release of Lens Studio. This move was necessary to accommodate Snapchat’s large number of active users eager to adopt new technologies. This did not sit well with Snapchat’s competitors. Other companies have entered the market to offer users a new way to access content delivered via apps.

The AR community is launching real-world businesses using Snap’s technology. “These developers represent nearly every country on earth, and their lenses are over 5 trillion times larger,” Snap claims. To further support AR innovation, Snap introduced Lens Cloud, a free collection of backend services aimed at expanding what developers can build in AR. Storage Services, Location Services, and Multi-User Services will enable augmented reality to become more dynamic, useful, and interactive. 

Snapchat is constantly releasing new technologies to help brands bring products to their customers via AR. The goal is to improve the shopping experience for customers while also creating new opportunities for brands. 

  • Snap 3D Asset Manager: It makes it easier for businesses to create an augmented reality shopping experience. Brands can now request, manage and optimise the 3D model for any product in their catalog. According to the company, this will increase conversions and decrease returns because brands can create highly converting try-on experiences while ensuring minimal returns thanks to Snap’s size prediction technology.
  • Camera Kit For AR Shopping: With a camera kit for AR shopping, Snap is giving its commerce partners a new way to bring the best of Snap’s camera for AR try-on right into their apps and sites. Camera Kit for AR Shopping is an AR SDK that integrates Snap’s try-on Lenses into product detail pages for retailers and brands to improve their customers’ digital shopping experience.
  • Dress Up: A new Snapchat destination aimed at bringing together the best of augmented reality fashion and try-ons from creators, retailers, and fashion brands in one place. It will be available in Lens Explorer, one tap away from the AR Bar’s Snap Camera.

Final Thought

For social media users and businesses, augmented reality has a bright future. This technology can be used to target new marketers. Recently, technology has been rapidly evolving with new features and system upgrades for the improvement of websites and applications. Beacons will assist you in better understanding your target audience while also supporting and complementing your other marketing efforts. As a business partner to our clients, we at Alkye recommend bringing along the most up-to-date technology to make their business more impactful. 

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