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Shopify Edition: 100+ Updates and Features
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Shopify Edition: 100+ Updates and Features

July 1, 2022

The most recent round of Shopify updates gives independent retailers access to the technology and tools required to draw customers and forge closer relationships with them wherever and whenever they shop.

The first edition of Shopify highlights new and improved features across our platform, giving merchants more ways to connect with customers than ever before.

NFTs, Twitter shopping, and tap-to-pay on the iPhone are just a few of the more than 100 new features that Shopify’s Summer ’22 Edition has to offer. 

Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify said:

“We work hard to solve the complex challenges merchants face today while imagining entirely new ways for them to grow their businesses. With Shopify Editions, we’re sharing our big bets and the latest innovations in commerce so that those ambitious enough to try their hand at entrepreneurship can start and scale faster than ever before. “

Here is a sample of some of the recent releases from all of the exciting products featured in Shopify Editions, ranging from selling wholesale to utilising social commerce, building community, and expanding offline.

B2B Shopify

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One-on-one interactions aren’t the only way to connect with customers. A world of opportunity opens up when merchants connect with other businesses to sell wholesale. With B2B on Shopify, the most significant and potent wholesale features are now integrated directly into the Shopify admin. This implies that you can run your entire business on the Shopify platform and provide customers with a seamless, personalised shopping experience. You’ve been looking for a business-to-business platform, and here it is.

B2B on Shopify offers a similar online store experience that we know consumers love to wholesale customers of a merchant, but it is tailored for business buyers with tools that make it simple to buy items in bulk. For instance, we created a checkout with the payment flexibility required for business-to-business transactions, allowing retailers to set customer-specific prices at fixed rates or discounted retail prices for all of their products.

Twitter Shopping

Recently, Twitter announced the partnership with Shopify to add merchants’ products to Shopify’s platform. 

Shopify is the first commerce platform to collaborate with Twitter as it expands its Twitter Shopping ecosystem, owing to the hundreds of millions of users who represent potential connections for independent merchants. Merchants can reach consumers directly from their Twitter profiles using Shopify’s new Twitter sales channel, creating a frictionless path to purchase in today’s digital town square. For merchants, social commerce remains a growing opportunity. In the first quarter of 2022, orders placed with Shopify merchants via partner integrations quadrupled year on year.

Tokengated Commerce

These days, everyone is talking about NFTs. We believe that activating NFTs is more exciting than selling them.

Owners of Shopify businesses have already built ardent communities and devoted customers. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an entrepreneur. Tokengated commerce now offers a fundamentally novel way to fortify those connections and reward true fans and VIPs by giving NFT holders exclusive access to goods, benefits, and experiences. The only thing these once-consumers-now-fans need to do to use their NFTs to access thrilling experiences is to link their cryptocurrency wallets to a Shopify online store. The best part is that retailers can activate Shopify token-gated commerce experiences anywhere, including online, on mobile, and in person at the point of sale.

All Shopify merchants worldwide can now access tokengated commerce for the online store.

Tap to Pay on the iPhone

Facilitating online commerce more easier.

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As Amazon recently announced, users can pay with their palm. With Shopify’s offline GMV increasing by nearly 80% year over year in Q1 2022, we know in-person shopping is on the rise—and we’re ready for it. That’s why, in collaboration with Stripe, we were among the first commerce platforms to launch Tap to Pay on iPhone in the United States. Tap to Pay on iPhone is currently in early access with select Shopify point-of-sale merchants and will be fully available in the United States in the coming months. 

We lower the entry barrier for Shopify merchants looking to enter the offline retail market for the first time with Tap to Pay on the iPhone by eliminating the need for additional hardware or investment. If established retailers are looking to expand into new physical locations, they should take into account farmer’s markets, fresh pop-up experiences, and test shops. By enabling Tap to Pay on iPhone, offline commerce is made more feasible and gives businesses that haven’t yet experimented with in-person sales a simple way to meet their customers face-to-face.

Shopify Functions

To accommodate the particular business requirements of our merchants, we’re giving you the flexibility to extend or replace native Shopify server-side business logic with Shopify Functions. 

Everything is now different because both retailers and developers can now have everything: Functions give users the flexibility of the open-source platform without making them deal with any hosting, security, or code versioning hassles. Additionally, because the code runs on Shopify’s global infrastructure, all experiences created with Functions are scaleable. In order to manage the traffic spike caused by record-breaking flash sales and still provide a quick checkout experience, a retailer will be able to.

Final Thoughts

At Alkye, advises our clients to use the most recent technology to advance their businesses as business partners.

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