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Shifting User Interface from Light to Dark Theme- Dark Theme UI.
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Shifting User Interface from Light to Dark Theme- Dark Theme UI

October 5, 2021

The dark theme is the new trending hype in millennials. It is an optional mode that allows you to display mostly dark surfaces on the UI. Customers prefer to use dark mode features on their devices for a better visual experience.

Using dark themes in your design is nothing new, however recently dark mode UI became one of the most popular trends in the entire digital world. Apps like Instagram, Twitter, and others have effectively executed this feature. These applications give a simple choice to flip between the two modes: dark theme or light theme, depending on the user’s preference.

Dark mode: why should you go for it?

A dark theme is thought to be black, but instead, it is a low-light theme.

Dark mode decreases the luminance radiated by the device screen while keeping minimum contrast ratios for color. By reducing eye pressure, adapting luminosity to the actual lighting conditions, and enabling screen usage in dark conditions- all without losing battery power, helps improve visual ergonomics.

Applications like Spotify, Netflix, and Instagram are probably the most popular apps and services that are designed to grab your attention with the dark-mode features, by creating a more captivating viewing experience for their customers.

Benefits of Dark Mode

  • Health & wellness issues: The dark mode has been designed to reduce exposure to blue light and help the long eye strain. You will harm your eye if you use too luminous applications. Providing dark mode features can calm your eyes and work in the dark to solve health and well-being problems in any application.
  • Readability and legibility: Both terms are directly related to the perception of the contents of the text. Readability is the key to the performance of the product, and not only the text. When the information is relevant, but not readable, people feel that the language is inexplicably tense, or may even miss the critical information. On the other hand, legibility suffers far more in color schemes that make the text any lighter than pure black, especially if the background is darker than white. Dark mode enhances the readability of content.  
  • Responsiveness: The responsiveness of the interface implies that what users receive is usable and functional regardless of the device they prefer. Something that appeared stylish and appealing in design software on a high-resolution professional monitor, may appear unclean on a low-resolution screen. As a result, the dark theme feature of any website or device provides a finer user interface to their users.

Dark Theme VS Light Theme

  • Dark Theme: Dark theme is an additional mode used for displaying dark surfaces in most user interfaces. This works on a darker, light-element background. The dark mode looks more aesthetic than the default mode. We usually consider a visual subject in a dark theme where white or other light-colored text appears in the dark background. Dark mode improves visual comfort design by reducing eye pressure, facilitating screen adjustment under the current light and battery power retention, allowing unchargeable use over longer periods. 
  • Light Theme: In most applications, the light mode is very common. When the websites and app readability is heavy, light background or theme is preferably used. You are most likely to experience the light theme feature as default in your smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. The objective is to increase customer usability because something they already knew can easily be used and understood. 

Final Thoughts

Technology is rapidly developing and evolving some new friendly features on many sites and apps. Dark theme in any application and website is a feature that engages the customers and users effectively. At Alkye, we help clients to upgrade their existing apps and websites integrated with new technological advancements. We also design & build innovative apps and websites that help your businesses grow as compared to your competitors.

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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