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Salesforce Winter 23 Release Helps Nonprofits Create Powerful Experiences
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Salesforce Winter 23 Release

November 8, 2022

Salesforce Winter 23 Release is here! With better-connected data, you can create amazing experiences.

Salesforce recently announced the improvements in its Winter ’23 release, all of which are intended to help businesses build meaningful experiences with better-linked data. This update expands the availability of our open-source service, Data Lake for Nonprofits, Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, we are enhancing our solutions for program management and fundraising.

Everything You Need To Know About Salesforce Winter 23:

Introducing Data Lake for Nonprofits, Powered by Salesforces and AWS

For nonprofits, efficient data handling is a top priority. More than 75% of businesses need to develop a data strategy for their operations, and 66% of nonprofits find it difficult to share data across departments, according to their 2017 Nonprofit Trends Report.

 Image Credit: Salesforce

At first, a data lake might seem overwhelming, but Salesforce and AWS are making it much easier. Data Lake for Nonprofits, powered by Amazon Web Services, Salesforce’s newest open-source offering, helps organisations connect more effectively (AWS). Guided flows that operate on data and are click-focused rather than code-focused can speed up the development of data lakes. As well as an out-of-the-box integration with the Nonprofit Success Pack, an automatic data pipeline to Tableau is also available (NPSP). In the end, clients may use visual analytics to quickly transform their data into insightful knowledge, leading to better results and better decisions.

Key value points included:

  1. Low Complexity: Using clicks rather than code, a declarative web application created for Salesforce administrators may instantly put up AWS services.
  1. Secure Integration: Prebuilt integration flows using NPSP data to hydrate lakes.
  1. Analytics First: The Athena Connector’s capacity for throughput to Tableau
  1. Extensible and Open Sources: Accessible through an open-source repository for use and/or extension

Experience Cloud for nonprofits’ recurring gift management is assisting the salesforce in increasing their fundraising choices. Refunds for contributions made using the NPSP, and data submission verification. Also program administration with a new session wizard capacity alert. A summary of attendance, a list of participants, and attendance standards. They also wish to draw attention to the fact that Brazilian Portuguese is now supported by Insights Platform Data Integrity, Einstein for Nonprofits, the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits.

Final Thoughts

Alkye advises our clients to use the most recent technology to advance their businesses as business partners. We make it our priority to keep our clients’ businesses up-to-date. 

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Shikha Rana

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