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Push Notification: A Powerful Tool to Gain Users Attention.
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Push Notification: A Powerful Tool to Gain User’s Attention

October 1, 2021

Today, we have so many apps on our phones that we may not always remember to use them all. Push notification is a great way to remind your users to return to your app, therefore increasing your customer retention rate.

According to Martin’s blog, customers get an average of 64 notifications every day. Users tend to engage more with these than with a spam email.

Push notifications are messages that are displayed on either users’ locked phone screens, as an icon on their app tiles, or in notifications within the App.

Push Notifications VS Pull Notifications

Running a business or a marketing campaign, you have two main concepts to guide your marketing strategies: Push and Pull

  • Push: Push notification is like communication on the network, where a request to transfer the information is initiated by the main server. These notifications provide the browser and mobile users with certain incentives and advantages. Push notifications are the perfect option because they cover the marketing guidelines based on proper authorization. The main goal of push marketing notifications is to update your customers with your brand or products.  
  • Pull: Pull notification is a traditional way to get information and updates through advanced channels, that is when requesting data from customers. These messages frequently depend on existing software installed on your PC or smartphone. In this way, the user communicates with the server directly. The main purpose of pull notification here is to accumulate organic traffic.

Push notifications: grabbing the attention of users and their positive impact on your business

You can use push notifications to maintain your brand handwriting whilst effectively communicating to users and customers. Sending real-time updates re-engages users by reminding them of your brand & App.

A successful brand such as Apple recently has made several major IOS 12 upgrades, and push notifications are at the forefront. These improved features are designed to enhance user control over notifications, reduce confusion and improve the overall user experience.

Naturally, the makers of the iPhone know a lot about push notifications. Apple makes use of the genius methodology for their notifications, to get an edge over their competitors. Users of the Apple watch can have fitness competitions against their friends, get PDAs, and receive notifications all day long. In any case, this is an optimum technique to keep the user spurred and up-to-date. This urges users to regularly use the app against whom they compete.

  • Tracking & Metrics: The major advantage of push notifications is to keep track of customer behavior. Tracking and examining user metrics are vital to an application’s prosperity. This information can be gathered by brands from opt-in rates, page view times, etc. So this data will not only help your product to grow but also understand your customer’s needs better so that further you can improve their journey. 
  • Method of Customer Care: Push notifications are user-centered and address all the customer’s needs. Customer care is the top priority for every marketer. So, information like cart abandonment, new alerts, job updates, latest deals or sales, and weather warnings, etc can be sent through push notifications. You can engage your customers by sending a reminder if something is left behind in their cart or by reminding them about the latest job updates they might miss by chance.
  • Provide a Simple, Clean User Journey:  Push notifications may contain links that can drive users directly to applications. This can end up being a great tip to expand customer involvement within the app. These notifications can help you to provide your customers with a clear journey towards your brand, product, and applications. 

Final Thoughts

When used effectively, push notifications are an easy tool for you to use to retain and engage customers and users. At Alkye, we help clients to upgrade their existing applications or sites with innovative marketing strategies like push notifications to meet evolving market and consumer needs. We also design & build innovative apps and websites that help businesses grow & take market share from competitors.

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