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Purpose-driven campaigns have taken a central place in Social Media.
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Purpose-driven campaigns have taken a central place in Social Media

November 9, 2021

Everyone nowadays wants to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. They’re motivated by a desire to connect, grow, and make a difference. Customers care deeply about their causes, and they appreciate the fact that your company does as well. Purpose-driven marketing is built on this foundation.

Including a sprinkle of kindness in your social media campaign can make a big difference. For years, most people have known that when you align yourself with a good cause, you will notice an increase in positive engagement. Because of the pandemic’s impact, purpose-driven campaigns now appeal to consumers’ emotions even more.  

Many businesses are using a strategy known as purpose-driven marketing to go beyond just selling their product and help promote issues that benefit their industries as a whole in the age of social media dominance.


In all of its marketing, a purpose-driven campaign promotes a company by focusing on its core values. A brand forms connections with its target audience through this type of campaign based on shared interests. This is a fantastic method for creating meaningful content.

Causes that align with a brand’s core values are supported by brands with a strong sense of purpose. They frequently include some form of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is a process that allows businesses to hold themselves, stakeholders, and the public accountable. Environmental sustainability, direct philanthropy, ethical business practices, and economic responsibility are all common initiatives.

Benefits of using Purpose-driven Campaigns

  • Improve Customer Engagement: It helps a company stand out from the competition when it is open about its mission. When you have a clear purpose in mind, it’s much easier to start a conversation with customers and potential customers. Many people also prefer to support companies that care about doing good. Customers are more loyal to a company that supports causes they care about, but even if a company is working to change an issue with which the customer disagrees, they are likely to support the brand’s efforts.
  • Purpose-driven Makes Employees Feel Like They Belong: A company sends a clear message to its employees about its culture and principles by identifying and aligning with a purpose. Employees who are aware of their company’s mission are more likely to support it and feel a sense of belonging. The company’s long-term viability will be ensured by this commitment. Companies that devote resources to a specific goal have lower employee turnover. This is especially true for the generation of millennials. Retaining key employees allows a company to develop strong working relationships.
  • Improved Business Performance: When everyone is on the same page and pointing in the same direction, they are more likely to collaborate more effectively and solve problems faster.  It’s the same as ordering everyone on deck to row in the same direction at the same time, rather than allowing every sailor on your ship to do whatever they want.
  • Give Your Strategic Alignment Purpose: Having a clear purpose is the first step toward achieving alignment. You and your team can align everything else around that purpose once you know what you want your company to stand for. You can align processes and employee contributions around your purpose by optimizing processes and setting performance goals
  • Stronger Brand: You create memorable experiences and build a much stronger brand when you focus on developing and demonstrating purpose. Red Bull’s global brand has grown as a result of creating experiences and demonstrating its purpose (empowering extreme sportspeople and athletes).
  • Staff is Motivated: Your employees will feel more engaged and involved in the workplace if they can connect with your purpose, and if their purpose and yours are the same. This increases employee motivation throughout the company, to the point where your customers will notice it. This leads us to a subsequent point.

Final Thoughts 

Technology is rapidly developing and evolving with some new features to create more friendly websites and applications for users. At Alkye, we help our clients with their new strategies for their business, so that they are able to target their audience more effectively and efficiently.

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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