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New Instagram Reels Features Include Crossposting, Insights Etc.
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New Instagram Reels Features Include Crossposting, Insights Etc.

August 18, 2022

Reels can now be shared from Instagram to Facebook, giving you more precise information about how well the videos are performing.

The introduction of new Reels features for Facebook and Instagram was recently announced by Adam Mosseri on Instagram. Most significantly, the business is dispersing an “Add Yours” sticker for Reels on all social media platforms. After a certain time or topic, customers can use the sticker to reply to other customers’ reels with their own. 

When you share a new Add Yours prompt, the page dedicated to that prompt will display rules added by other users. At the top of the page, you can see who came up with the prompt and who deserves credit. This feature encourages users to collaborate, but it can also be used to find new people to follow.

Last fall, Instagram Stories made its first feature introduction. Stickers are frequently used in stories, so it makes sense for Meta to include them in Reel, especially in light of plans to enhance short-form video features, the company claims. Since stickers encourage users to post their own reels in accordance with the original reels if they are not posting reels otherwise, meta can be seen as a way to increase the number of reels on the platform. Users may exchange reels.

Additionally, Meta revealed that Performer, a virtual item where fans can support their preferred creators, will soon be available. Stars were previously made available to Facebook Reels, but the company is now making them available to all qualified creators. Meta adds that a new mobile app with the ability to start Stars and track earnings was just released.

All users can now easily cross-post reels from Instagram to Facebook thanks to Meta. The company claims that by doing this, creators will be able to develop communities on both social networks while also taking advantage of the monetization options provided by both Facebook and Instagram.

Meta also starts the process of creating auto-created Facebook rules, which are rules built from previously shared Facebook stories. This new feature allows you to easily share your favorite memories as reels. It’s not surprising that Meta is attempting to persuade users to convert their stories to reels, given the company’s growing interest in reels.

The new Facebook Rules Insights that were added today also include Creator Studio. According to Meta, the fresh information will aid creators in determining which Facebook policies are more effective. For instance, new metrics like reach, time watched, and average time watched are available to creators.

The new Reels Remix feature for Facebook Reels is finally launched by Meta. This allowed for the sequential remixing of Facebook Reels. A new option enables you to view and remix the clip after the original reel, in addition to the option to view the remix concurrently with the original reel.

On reels, the meta has wagered heavily. It was recently disclosed that Instagram now shares new videos that are under 15 minutes in length as reels. Some users may be confused by this change because it may present some difficulties. For instance, if a video was uploaded in vertical reel format, it might be challenging to post a horizontal version of it. But given that Instagram has been dropping hints about these plans for a while, the move wasn’t entirely unexpected. He stated in Instagram Priorities for 2022 that the company would increase its emphasis on video and reels.

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