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New Announcement By ACCC: Launches Tool With Consumer Data Right Transformation
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New Announcement By ACCC: Launches Tool With Consumer Data Right Transformation

August 4, 2022

This week, the ACCC released the Consumer Data Right (CDR) sandbox, a free tool that enables current and potential CDR participants to more effectively test and enhance their CDR solutions while saving time and money.

What Is Consumer Data Right?

You have more options and control over the information that businesses have about you thanks to the Consumer Data Rights (CDR). You can transfer your data to another company to find goods and services that are suited to your needs, which will save you time and money. You could use it to compare and switch between various goods and services, as well as keep tabs on your finances, utilities, and other services.

Announcement By ACCC:

The new free tool is part of the ongoing CDR legislative framework rollout, which began with the banking industry in 2020.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is now offering a free tool to assist organisations that will increasingly fall under Australia’s Consumer Data Right legislation. The Consumer Data Rights (CDR) sandbox, a free tool made available this week by the ACCC, is intended to assist current and potential CDR participants in testing and refining their CDR solutions. According to the regulatory watchdog, the goal is to assist organisations in minimising the time and expense associated with joining a CDR activity or updating their CDR offering.

The CDR Sandbox mimics the actual CDR ecosystem in behavior and operation because it is a hosted environment. Participants can set up their own software solutions and communicate with the existing mock solutions and other participants within a secure testing environment. Participants include both data holders and accredited data recipients. Additionally, there is pre-live development support to assist users as they transition from inactive to active states and to support participants’ efforts to share accurate data. In order to help participants improve and develop their services and products after they become active, the sandbox will still be accessible to them.

“We are taking many steps to make the process for businesses joining the Consumer Data Rights easier and more affordable,” ACCC Commissioner Peter Crone said. “We are creating a sandbox to complement our existing mock solutions tools.” “Participants will be able to enhance the efficiency of their data sharing offerings with the aid of the CDR sandbox.”

In order for the ecosystem to grow and give consumers a wider range of options, it is crucial that participants in the Consumer Data Right have access to flexible testing options as the CDR develops.

The primary objective of the CDR is to give consumers control over their own digital data and information stored by various institutions. The legislation, which went into effect in late 2016, was inspired by the Productivity Commission’s investigation, which called for a revolution in the country’s data policy framework. $44.6 million was allocated in the 2019 Federal Budget for the plan to create a framework for consumer data portability and transparency.

The CDR Register, which will include important information about participants in the data-sharing ecosystem, will be maintained by the ACCC. The CDR regulations apply to both authorised “data recipients” and “data holders.” 


Additionally, the ACCC has released CDR accreditation guidelines, which are meant to inform and advise applicants and assist them in submitting a legitimate application to become accredited data recipients. The accreditation guidelines also include additional rules on information security and insurance responsibilities. Alkye Services strongly recommends being a part of current market trends as a technology business partner to our clients in order to reach the target audience.

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