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Multiplatform Development Through Flutter- Android’s initiative.
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Multiplatform Development Through Flutter- Android’s initiative

November 9, 2021

The technological world is changing at a rapid pace as new technologies emerge and fall out of favor. If you’ve been following the mobile development scenario, you’ve probably come across a user-oriented technology called Flutter. 

Flutter has grown in popularity, and it has established itself as the go-to technology for developing cross-platform mobile apps.

Flutter: an overview 

Flutter is a Google-created advanced software development kit (SDK) or framework for creating mobile apps. Flutter comes with a number of developer-friendly features that allow you to quickly create highly sophisticated cross-platform apps. Flutter is a free and open-source framework that includes a variety of development tools, widgets, and frameworks to help developers create better user experiences.

Flutter app development includes a full ecosystem of widgets and tools, allowing developers to quickly and easily create and launch custom apps. Flutter’s most notable feature is that it gives its apps visual and functional consistency, making them virtually indistinguishable no matter which operating system is used to access them.

Flutter: android’s initiative 

Traditionally, Android app developers had to learn Kotlin or Java, whereas iOS app developers had to learn Swift until Google introduced the Flutter framework. These new technological advancements make it easier for developers to create applications for multiple platforms while still taking into account native OS features. Flutter appears to work with Google’s open-source Android Studio IDE to help create beautiful user interfaces.

Flutter provides us with an Android app development platform. We can integrate modules from our Flutter project into any existing native project using Flutter. We can continue to develop the rest of the Flutter application after integrating the Flutter project, and it will be reflected in the parent projects automatically.

Benefits of Flutter

Flutter has some distinguishing characteristics when compared to both native development solutions and other cross-platform technologies. That is why it appeals to product owners, tech leaders, and developers. Here are the main advantages of Flutter:

  • Rapid Development:  By utilizing a single codebase that runs on all platforms, Flutter app development allows you to significantly reduce time-to-market. Flutter’s modern architecture, extensive component set, and excellent support will assist you in quickly developing your app. You’ll be able to launch your app and test your concept with potential users in no time.
  • Easier Updates with Hot Reload: Flutter’s Hot Reload feature allows developers to see all of the changes they’ve made to the code in real-time. Because of its extraordinary development speed, this fantastic app development is quick. Furthermore, the hot reload feature elevates the level of collaboration between developers and designers. Ideas for improving the UI’s look and feel can be tested on the fly, and because the effects are visible in the app right away, deciding on the best option is almost effortless.
  • Widgets: Widgets are the foundation upon which the entire app is built. Widgets are required for an app’s view because the interface should look natural regardless of the screen size. With its extensive capabilities and rich set of widgets, Flutter can create any type of complex custom widget. Everything in Flutter is referred to as a widget. It could be a structural element such as a button or menu, a stylistic element such as a font or color scheme, or a layout element such as padding.
  • Increasing Accessibility: Flutter gives you a lot of options for making more inclusive apps and making them accessible to a larger audience. It supports screen readers, makes it simple to implement and verify adequate contrast, and the UI components respect the OS font size settings. All of this is aimed at ensuring that people with disabilities have access to all of the services they require. Furthermore, Flutter simplifies internationalization, which is the process of creating different language and region versions of your app after it has been created. This can result in multiple discrepancies. Flutter provides tools that make this process simple and allow it to be integrated into the development process. Flutter also provides accessibility features such as large fonts, screen readers, and enhanced contrast, all of which can be controlled from within the platform.
  • Amazing UI: When it comes to design, Flutter’s vast library of ready-to-use UI components is unbeatable. You can choose from a variety of pre-made widgets to speed up the coding process while still ensuring that your app has its own style. The UI elements in Flutter can be completely customized. You can make your own design or use widgets that adhere to Material Design (Android) guidelines. You can also easily draw custom widgets thanks to Flutter’s powerful rendering engine, which allows you to create stunning effects and animations.
  • Ideal for MVP Development: It’s critical to test the water before jumping in, and that’s where MVPs come in. Developing an MVP will give you an idea of whether the market and your target audience are ready for your solution if you’re working on unique ideas, alternate solutions to existing ideas, and more. When it comes to creating an MVP, Flutter is the most ideal option. You could easily test multiple prototypes of your app in the market and still, have enough money for full-fledged application development thanks to its ease of development and the flexibility it provides in terms of rolling back changes and adding new features. 

Final Thoughts

Technology is rapidly developing and evolving some new friendly features on IOS and Android. At Alkye, as a technology business partner with our clients, we always recommend changes going in the market. We also help our clients to be updated with the technology and consider changes in their applications or websites that are going on the market to help their businesses grow and take market share from their competitors. 

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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