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Motion UI; how to upgrade your businesses’ website with new UI innovations.
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Motion UI; how to upgrade your businesses’ website with new UI innovations

September 28, 2021

Today, the world is totally web-based. Users are constantly searching or shopping online. Significant evolvement and progress have been achieved in website & app development in the last decade, and these technologies continue to every daily. Ensuring your business platforms are up-to-date with the market is imperative to your success.

People rely on websites and apps being user-friendly and that does not require much thinking. They need to be quick and efficient, whether on desktop or on mobile. The satisfaction of your users will determine the success of your digital business interactions with them. Motion UI will become the next major developing trend, and it is a crucial phase in your business and website development.

Motion UI: the next big thing in the business and tech world

Motion UI is great for creating eye-catching websites and applications. In essence, it is a Sass library used to efficiently produce UI animations and transitions using a flexible approach.

Using user interface design (UI), you can update your business website or mobile app to be more aesthetically and engaging for its users. This in turn helps your customer engagement and retention. Motion UI allows developers to explore and create new animations. A multitude of items can be included, such as images, text, 3D objects, graphics, movies, etc.

Users can often resonate with simple and subtle animations when they surf a webpage. The fluidity that Motion UI offers can help to engage. A range of website elements such as navigation bars, headers, scrolling, and backgrounds can feature Motion UI. However it is important to remember to not overdo it; you never want the motions of a website to take away from a clean user experience, and a simple experience that converts users.

Motion design UI has continued to transform an already progressive market of web & app design. Businesses are leaning into it to improve their digital brand identity, using every screen, page, button, and another visual element to solidify their brand handwriting.

Benefits of Motion UI

  • Driving User’s Attention: Your businesses online platforms can be distinguished by great user experience and user interface (UI) design. Users may find you in app stores or in the results of search engines. This is a very critical first impression. Traffic can be obtained using Motion UI due to its eye-catching ability. Seamless UI design can help to keep users browsing longer on your app or website once they have arrived. Longer time on site can help to increase conversions as users learn more about your products and are exposed to your conversion techniques on your site.
  • Brand Boosting: Finding the right subtle balance of using Motion UI throughout your business digital platforms can help users to start to recognize your business. This in turn can grow your brand identity. Movement UI design is a significant component of digital branding, and when used correctly can develop your customer loyalty, conversion and retention.
  • Enhance your Client-centric Approach: A satisfied customer is your finest advocate, not merely a loyal customer. They will not forget to vouch for you everywhere they go for your business and your items. Client satisfaction is always a priority and might be a key source of valuable feedback for your business.
  • Create Unique experiences: Many users can find it feels natural to engage with a section of software if it has sequential activity. This is due to the fact that animation simplifies UI, making contact easier. The simple action of changing a button colour can confirm to the user that their action of clicking the buttons has been successful. It is also a way to add your subtle brand colour highlights in these click actions; adding further but subtle brand recognitions with the user. Such motion UI techniques can keep users intrigued by establishing points of connection in every phase of their journey.

Final Thoughts

When used beneficially, Motion UI can be a great effective tool for you to grab and engage the user’s attention. At Alkye, we help our clients to upgrade their existing apps and websites to be in line with the latest market, competitor, and technological trends. We also help you to design and develop new apps and websites using the latest technologies. Our aim is simple; to help your business grow, stay ahead of the competition, and stay relevant to your customer.

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