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Meta Warns And Protecting Users From Malicious Account Compromise Apps
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Meta Warns 1M Users

October 13, 2022

Facebook Security Alert: Meta warns that 1 million users’ login information may have been stolen.

Cybercrime nowadays poses a significant threat to the government and the country as a whole. As well as the corporate sectors, individuals and the general public. Cyber security is a major concern these days worldwide.

Hundreds of malicious applications are available on Google Play and the App Store to trick users to give away their passwords. 

This year, the Internet giant’s security experts discovered more than 400 Android and iOS user apps designed to steal Facebook data and credentials and compromise users’ accounts. In order to entice users to download them, the programs were offered on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store under different names, such as image editors, games, VPN services, business apps, and other utilities. It includes:

Image: Meta

The threat disruption of Meta and Rayn Victory, malware identification and detection engineers, said; “This is a very adversarial sector and while our industry partners attempt to detect and remove malicious software, some of these apps defy detection and make it into the legal app store.”

How Do These Malicious Apps Work?

Through mobile app stores, malicious programmers disseminate their malicious software. Under the guise of entertaining or practical applications, like cartoon image editors or music players. To cover up complaints made by users who deemed the programs to be dangerous or malfunctioning. Developers may post fictitious reviews to trick others into installing malware.  

If a person installs the malicious app, it may ask you to “Login with Facebook”. Before you can use the promised features. If the users enter the credentials, the spyware records them. It is self-evident that if login information is stolen, attackers may acquire complete access to a person’s account.

Things You Can do to Stay Safe

Cybercriminals know how these days legitimate apps are popular, so they use these themes, like logging in with Facebook, to trick people. And steal their passwords and personal information. Spyware apps may usually be distinguished from trustworthy apps by certain characteristics. Let’s have a glance over a few things to consider before logging in to the mobile app with a Facebook account.

  • App Reputation: Is the app Reliable? Take a look at the number of downloads, ratings, and reviews, both positive and bad.
  • Required Social media credentials to use the app: Is the app inaccessible until you log in using your Facebook credentials? Think about a photo-editing tool that won’t let you use it until you enter your Facebook username and password.
  • Promised Features: Is the app as functional as claims, either before or after logging in?

Meta suggests changing your password right away if you are impacted by these malicious apps.

Final Thoughts

Alkye, as your technology business partner, aggressively gives priority to client security. Connect with specialists to find out what works best for you. Our aim is simple: to help your business grow and to secure your business from cybercriminals. Our monthly website and app maintenance service maintains the functionality and security of your business’s digital platforms. We thrive to keep our client’s data security as our priority. You know very well how it is important to have a partnership with the right digital partner.

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Shikha Rana

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Shikha Rana

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