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Meta Settles Lawsuits With Firms Engaged In Scraping Data
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Meta Settles Lawsuits With Firms Engaged In Scraping Data

October 8, 2022

Why is data security essential for any business?

Secure your data in a variety of contexts, adhere to privacy laws, and reduce operational complexity.

Meta has reached a settlement in a case against two companies that had engaged in data scraping activities, whereby they collected information from Facebook and Instagram users for the sake of marketing intelligence.

 According to the original complaint filed in October 2020, Facebook parent Meta has settled a case against two firms that had participated in data scraping activities. Which saw them gathering data from Facebook and Instagram users for marketing intelligence purposes. BrandTotal Ltd., located in Israel, and Unimania Inc., based in Delaware, agreed to a permanent injunction preventing them from scraping Facebook and Instagram data or making money from the data they obtained. According to Meta, as part of their settlement, they agreed to pay a “significant financial sum.”

Data Security Is Everyone’s Business

Regardless of whether your organisation focuses on data consumption, security, governance, or reporting, it needs a system that supports a zero-trust approach to data management throughout its existence. 

Why Is Data Security Important?

Data security is the process of guarding against unauthorised access to, tampering with, or theft of digital data across all stages of its existence. This idea encompasses all aspects of data security. Which includes the logical security of software programs, administrative and access controls, and the physical security of hardware and storage devices. The organization’s policies and practices are also included.

Robust data security measures, when executed correctly, guard against insider threats and human mistakes, which continue to be among the main causes of data breaches in the modern era, while also safeguarding an organization’s information assets against cybercriminal activity. Implementing tools and technology that improve the organization’s visibility into where its crucial data is located and how it is used is a key component of data security.

Protect Critical Data

Your organization’s threat landscape also grows as its data footprint spreads across more partners, endpoints, and environments. Information that is sensitive and valuable is in danger from cybercriminals looking to exploit security flaws. A zero-trust approach to security is centered on confidently securing your data, which serves as a crucial foundation for every corporate function.

With the aid of data security solutions, whether on-premises or in a hybrid cloud, you can manage regulatory compliance, enforce real-time controls, and gain better access to and insights into cyber threats.

Benefits of Data Security

  • Secure your data to prevent a catastrophic breach: With an integrated portfolio of capabilities that can fill cybersecurity gaps in on-premises or hybrid cloud deployments, including automatically produced and securely separated data copies, you can provide a zero-trust approach to data management.
  • Discover data security vulnerabilities in real-time: Is your security staff aware of the locations and users of your critical data? The crucial steps in protecting sensitive data include automating visibility, controlling access controls, and implementing ongoing monitoring to discover weaknesses and threats before they become breaches.
  • Help simplify regulatory compliance: Your staff may face difficulties maintaining reporting in addition to navigating the growing number of privacy requirements. To simplify the process, use automation, analytics, and activity monitoring.

Data Security Trends

  • AI: Due to its ability to process massive volumes of data, AI enhances the capabilities of data security systems. The same activities that other AI systems carry out are carried out by cognitive computing, a subtype of AI, but it does so by modeling human thought processes. In terms of data security, this enables quick decision-making in urgent situations.
  • Quantum: Quantum, a cutting-edge technology, has the potential to dramatically transform several established ones. Encryption methods will grow in scope, complexity, and security.
  • Multicloud Security: The idea of data security has expanded along with cloud computing capabilities. Today’s businesses require more intricate solutions to protect not only their data but also their proprietary business applications and private cloud-based business processes.

Final Thoughts

Alkye, as a technology business partner, aggressively encourages our clients to stay current with market trends in order to reach the target audience.

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