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Manage your customers journey with salesforce marketing cloud
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Manage Your Customer Journey With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

March 9, 2022

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a popular email marketing platform for creating, managing and nurturing customer relationships. With the help of email personalisation, marketers can plan and optimise various aspects of marketing.  This includes customer journeys, multi-channel campaign execution, pre-and post-campaign analytics and a data management platform.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a variety of useful features, and as a user, you should try each one to fully understand the power of this platform. Let’s get started.

  • Cloud-based Technology: Despite delivering app and data functionalities via on-premises technology, SMFC provides outstanding cloud solutions. Individual users and cross-departmental teams can share data and collaborate on projects faster.
  • Artificial intelligence: SFMC’s “intelligent marketing automation” capability enables businesses to send personalised messages to customers at optimal times for engagement.  Salesforce Artificial Intelligence platform uses in-built intelligence and machine-learning algorithms.
  • Exceptional Support: Salesforce Marketing Cloud users have access to Salesforce’s technical support team. Users can also sign up for free online SFMC demos to learn how to create, manage, optimise, automate, and publish campaigns.
  • Journey Builder: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a service that the company offers. All of a customer’s actions leading up to making a purchase are linked in the Journey Builder. To create a single customer view(SCV) that is easy for teams to view and utilise data, this software collects data from email, mobile, advertising, and the web.
  • Social Studio: Social Studio is an all-in-one social media marketing and management tool from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By converting social data into a digital focus group, it aids in the connection of social data to marketing activities. It helps provide customer service across all channels by streamlining social media processes and allowing for large-scale engagement management.
  • Email Studio: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio aids in maximising the return on investment from email marketing. With end-to-end campaign development and sophisticated content delivery capabilities, it allows you to create targeted one-to-one email communications at scale.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Data Management: Data management in SFMC is accomplished through the use of data extensions that are linked to form a relational database. It allows you to store multiple data types and create your own custom data model. Within SFMC, it allows for more complex segmentation and audience building.
  • Customised Marketing Tools: With the Salesforce marketing cloud, you can customise digital marketing tools to fit your brand’s needs. Understanding your customer becomes easier with customisation, which allows you to constantly improve your marketing strategies.
  • Integration Capabilities: With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration capabilities, you can obtain data from a variety of sources. SFMC contains many APIs, including SOAP API and REST API. Common API use cases include enhancing existing contact information, initiating triggered sends, and importing content.
  • Third-party Applications: Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes a large number of third-party apps, including those available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This improves its capabilities and allows for customisation in accordance with your business objectives. It aids in the integration of SFMC in order to increase its value and functionality.
  • Artificial Intelligence Application: Salesforce’s artificial intelligence has some incredible capabilities, such as sending time optimisation. It also includes the frequency of engagement to help determine how many messages must be sent to each person. It also helps with engagement scoring by predicting who will respond to messages.


At Alkye Services, we advise our clients to ensure their technology services both their internal business, and external customer needs, and to consider market changes in order to stay ahead of competition. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can assist you in all of these areas, whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or want to improve web personalisation with a higher level of sophistication. 

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