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iOS 16 Is More Exciting Than The New iPhone’s
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iOS 16 Is More Exciting Than The New iPhone

October 6, 2022

Most users will notice more than a new system status indicator in this year’s iOS release. iOS 16 enhances the iPhone with more personalisation features, increased intelligence, and improved communication and sharing.

Features of iOS 16

  1. Lock Screen
  • Lock Screen Gallery: For inspiration on how to personalise the Lock Screen, look through a selection of various options, each with a unique backdrop, a stylised representation of the date and time, and information you can see quickly.
  • Lock Screen Editing: By tapping the element, you may easily change the font, color, or positioning of elements on your Lock Screen.
  • Photo shuffle: On your Lock Screen, watch a collection of photographs shuffle automatically. Set the frequency with which your Lock Screen displays a new photo, or let iOS surprise and amuse you throughout the day.
  • Widgets on the Lock Screen: To quickly check the weather, time, date, battery life, upcoming calendar events, alarms, time zones, and Activity ring progress, choose to display a set of widgets on your Lock Screen.
  • WidgetKit API: Consider your favorite third-party apps’ widgets. To acquire information like weather forecasts or your progress towards your goals, view widgets in a textual, circular, or rectangular style close to the time.
  • Notification Animations: Now that they arrive at the bottom of your Lock Screen, your notification summary and other alerts are easy to notice as they come in.
  • Notifications View on Screen Lock: Alerts can be displayed on the Lock Screen in an extended list view, stacking view, or count view. In this case, you can pinch to change the layout.
  1. Focus
  • Lock Screen Suggestion: iOS proposes a variety of Lock Screens that correspond to the specified Focus options, such as a data-rich Lock Screen when using the Work Focus or a photo Lock Screen when using the Personal Focus.
  • Focus Filters: For each Focus, you enable, and set boundaries in Apple apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari. When using Work Focus, for example, you can choose which Tab Groups appear in Safari, and when using Personal Focus, you can choose to hide your work calendar.
  • Home Screen Page Suggestion: For the Focus, you are configuring, iOS suggests Home Screen pages with the widgets and apps that are most relevant.
  1. Messages
  • Edit a Message: After you send a message, you have up to 15 minutes to change it. The message’s revision history will be visible to the recipients. 2
  • Collaboration Updates: You may see activity updates at the top of the Messages thread whenever someone makes an adjustment. 
  • Messages Collaboration API: The collaboration features of an app can be integrated by developers with Messages and FaceTime, making it simple to start and maintain a collaboration from the platforms where you communicate with your collaborators.
  • Recover Recently Deletes Messages: For up to 30 days after removing them, you can restore recently deleted communications. 
  1. Mail
  • Smart Search Corrections: Correcting typos and using synonyms for your search phrases are two ways that intelligent search improves your results. 
  • Remind Me: Never disregard an opened email that you neglected to respond to. Choose a day and time for messages to reappear in your inbox.
  • Undo Send: Before your email message reaches the recipient’s inbox, you can quickly and easily unsend it.
  1. Safari
  • Shared Tab Groups: Give a group of tabs to your buddies. Everyone can add their own tabs as you communicate, and the Tab Group will instantly change.
  • Website Settings Sync: Page zoom and automatic Reader view preferences that you’ve chosen for particular web pages will sync between devices.
  • Additional Web Technologies Supports: Gives developers additional power and control over web page appearance and layout, allowing for more engaging content.
  1. Home
  • All-new Home app: A completely new design for the Home app makes it simpler to navigate, organise, see, and manage all of your accessories. The performance, efficiency, and dependability of your smart home are improved through changes to the underlying architecture. 
  • Categories: You may easily access all the necessary accessories arranged by room using the categories for Lights, Climate, Security, Speakers and TVs, and Water, as well as additional in-depth status information.
  • New Camera View: On the Home page, up to four camera views are prominently shown. You can scroll down to see any more camera views in your home.
  • Whole-house view: The revamped Home tab allows you to see your complete house at a glance. The main menu of the app now includes rooms and your favorite accessories, making it simpler for you to access the ones you use the most.

Final Thoughts

At Alkye, we help our clients keep up with market, competitive, and technological trends. We can also help you design and develop cutting-edge technology for new apps and websites. 

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