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iOS 16: Google Widgets On Your Lock Screen!
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iOS 16: Google releases new iPhone Lock Screen widgets!

October 19, 2022

Google releases new iPhone Lock Screen widgets with iOS 16.

The lock screen widgets from Google offer information at a glance as well as the ability to tap to access search.

Image Credit: Google

iOS 16 is here. Among many other possibilities, you may now change your lock screen to clearly display the information you need.

Your lock screen is the first thing you see when you pick up your phone. And lock screen widgets will soon be available in many Google apps. With only one press after unlocking your device, you’ll be able to access your favorite Google features. Also, you’ll receive some updates on your lock screen.

Google has developed a set of widgets for its most popular apps that utilise the improved dynamic lock screen. Apple in advance of the introduction of iOS 16, is now accessible to all iPhone users.

 Find What You’re Looking For

  • Search: You must have a response right away. Right away, launch a Google search from your Lock Screen. In order to translate, receive assistance with your schoolwork, or purchase what you see. You can configure the Search widget so that you can begin searches with your voice or camera.
  • Drive: To access your files, use one of our Drive widgets. Open a suggested Drive file or your starred files and folders with just one tap to continue working on that assignment or finish the first draught of a short tale.
  • Chrome: With the help of Chrome lock screen widgets, users may access the Dino game right away and start speaking or searching incognito.
  • Google Maps: With the new Google Maps Frequent Trips widget in iOS 16, users can now use their lock screen for other purposes while still having access to real-time traffic updates and estimated arrival times.
  • Google News: At the google news widgets, one may also view the headlines in real-time. The user may just tap on the news to be sent to the app if they would like to read more about it.
  • Gmail: Lastly, Keep track of your email using the Lock Screen widget for Gmail; it will automatically show you how many fresh emails you have. It is possible to change the widget will display details about which inbox categories, like Social or Updates, have fresh messages.

Users of iOS 16 could do searches using the Google Search widget. By enabling the Translate, Shop, and Scholar buttons as well as the options for voice or camera searches, users can customise it.

Users can start voice-activated or incognito searches using the Chrome lock screen widgets. There is also a button to access Chrome’s semi-hidden dinosaur game. Additionally, the Drive widget offers shortcuts to starred and suggested Drive files.

Final Thoughts

At Alkye, we help our clients keep up with market, competitive, and technological trends. We can also help you design and develop cutting-edge technology for new apps and websites. We also advise our clients to upgrade their technology and consider market changes. In order to help their businesses grow and take market share from their competitors.

Shikha Rana

Words by
Shikha Rana

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