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Introducing Women in Technology.
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Introducing Women in Technology

September 23, 2021

Women should not be afraid to present themselves.

In recent years, women have seen a higher representation in tech due to the diverse nature of tech companies. Despite being underestimated in the tech world, women have proven that they can equally compete with men with their capabilities. When leading, women empower everyone around them. Presently, companies having diverse work cultures are also celebrating women’s achievements equally as men. 

It takes extraordinary courage to leave the comfort of a 9-5 job to start your own company. The journey to owning a business is riddled with uncertainty, roadblocks, and failures. As a female CEO of the company, starting Alkye I knew it would be hard to sustain in a competitive business world. But, with utter determination and willingness, I have taken a step forward to bring a change into the tech world. I feel grateful to be able to work and collaborate with other strong women. In fact, our company logo defines “ALKE”,  the spirit and personification of courage which sincerely goes with the image of women today.

Alkye gives preference equally to both genders. In fact, here in alkye, most of our departments are led by enthusiastic women. For example, we have a senior developer, who is leading her backend department, a content team comprising of forward-thinking, hungry young women, and women leading the design department. We look forward to building a better future for women in tech not only globally but in India as well. We as a tech business want to work with women, employ them, and want them to be stronger in the tech world.

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