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Instagram Created A Custom Font  Called "Instagram Sans."
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Instagram Created A Custom Font  Called “Instagram Sans.”

May 31, 2022

Finally, new Instagram story fonts are available!

Yes, there are four new Instagram Stories fonts to try out, as well as some interesting new variations on old favorites. Today, Instagram announced a major “brand refresh,” which is mostly a fancy term for updating some marketing materials and making big wavy logo statements. And there are many here as well. However, there is a much larger change: Instagram has created its own font, Instagram Sans, which it intends to use extensively in the future, both in marketing and in the app itself.

According to the company, Instagram Sans was inspired by the Instagram logo and “reflects the shape of the glyph and our commitment to simplicity and craftsmanship.” It’s heavily influenced by the use of squares and circles, or squircles as Instagram affectionately refers to them. And, as Instagram has always attempted, it’s a mix of perfectly pixelated and handcrafted with a few details, though not quite the straight terminal at the bottom of the “t” that makes it look more human. The evolution of the italic Instagram logo, which has been used for years, can be seen in some places.

The majority of the Instagram Sans fonts are simple sans-serif lettering, which is appropriate for a company with such a large and diverse user base. Instagram says it worked with linguists to make the typeface compatible with as many languages as possible, including script languages like Thai and Japanese.

Let’s Talk About Instagram Stories Fonts!

Instagram stories are made or broken by their fonts. Leave classic, modern, neon, typewriter and strong behind. New fonts for stories are now available! Instagram recently announced that new fonts would be coming to Stories, and they have now arrived!

  • Strong has a new double-layer drop shadow: In addition to its solid background highlight, Strong now has a new double-layer drop shadow, making it look more stylish than ever. Strong, one of Instagram’s most popular fonts, has been working out and drinking protein shakes.
  • Modern has a new outline on life: Modern has returned with a brand new design! While nothing unusual is happening here, this new outline feature gives you a little more flexibility when creating your stories.
  • Comic Sans: You should keep your affection for Comic Sans to yourself in the design world. That’s why seeing a Comic Sans-inspired font on Instagram comes as such a surprise. Although you may dislike Comic Sans, Instagram’s new font appears to be here to stay. To help this quirky font stand out against background images, a new paintbrush-style effect has been added.
  • New Italic Serif: Do you want your Instagram Stories font to look like it belongs in a high-end publication? The new italicised serif font from Instagram is the answer to your design prayers. The italicised serif font exudes elegance and looks effortlessly stylish. See what works best for your brand with or without the highlight option, all caps or lowercase.

Importance Of Fonts In Branding

In the digital landscape, users have become highly adept at navigating crowded markets, evaluating brand aesthetics, and identifying the companies that most seamlessly align with their needs. Developing your brand’s personality and establishing its credibility with your target consumer base begins with selecting the right type of messaging.

How many times have you seen a brand name and assumed you wouldn’t like it simply because the logo doesn’t appeal to you, even though you have no idea what they’re trying to sell you? Fonts could have played a role in your dislike for certain businesses. Was the audience too large to hear the entire message? Did they use generic ones like you’ve seen before? Did they choose one that isn’t appropriate for the type of business?

They have personalities, and you can sense the message or branding before you read the words; they set the tone for what the reader is about to read. Even though fonts make the first impression on potential clients, it is critical to choose fonts that reflect the company’s brand.

How do fonts make us understand the purpose of the text and relate to it much more easily?

We can tell a company is fun, whimsical, and young just by looking at its name, which is written in Comic Sans. We can tell if a paragraph is serious or classic if it is written in Times New Roman. Fonts have the ability to change our moods. It can be difficult and depressing to read a paragraph in a strange font. Reading a paragraph in a simple modern or classical font, on the other hand, can help us relax and improve our mood.

When developing your brand, there are numerous factors to consider. It takes time to build a brand from the ground up, and every detail is important to your brand’s identity. If you overlook font selection, it could mean the difference between a potential client choosing you over someone else. The fonts in the graphics you create and share on social media, as well as the fonts used throughout your website, are just as important as the logo.

Final Thoughts

Alkye aim is simple; to help your business grow, stay ahead of the competition, and stay relevant to your customers. Will help your business grow through Instagram by using the latest features. We will help you gain the attention of your audience. 

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