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How Web Design Can Help Transform And Improve Sales?
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How Web Design Can Help Transform And Improve Sales?

February 26, 2021

Websites are a vital part of modern businesses today. Websites act as promotional platforms for businesses to market their products and services as well as a medium to attract new customers. Web design is of paramount importance to build customer loyalty. A substandard web design can lead to negative first impressions among the target audience. Companies get only 5 seconds to capture the attention of visitors, otherwise, they are likely to bounce. A good web design that nurtures great user experience and relevant content has the potential to improve sales and profit. A fast, responsive website will attract and retain visitors meanwhile well-thought-out design elements will encourage visitors to purchase from the website as well as build their trust.

A study conducted by the HBR, on what motivates people to buy something from a website revealed that the most important factor to customers is trustworthiness. The most convenient way to build trust is through a strong web design. When customers feel comfortable and at ease when they visit a website, they are more likely to make a purchase from that company and furthermore become loyal customers of the business. In a competitive environment, it’s imperative for businesses to use tried and tested design elements to convert website visitors into long-term customers. It’s equally important for organizations to align their marketing and sales with good web design to maximize their business opportunities. When valuable marketing and sales knowledge is combined with user experience design, it can deliver a superior customer experience. 

Here are the 5 ways a company can improve its web design to increase sales

Integrating a responsive design

Integrating a responsive design can attract and acquire new customers. Responsive websites can adapt themselves to whatever device a visitor is using. A responsive design ensures that mobile users receive the same experience as a tablet or desktop users. 

Implementing call to action

Call to action buttons provide the visitors with direction on how to navigate the website. It also provides users with educational information about what the next step should be. A descriptive and stand-out CTA button will engage a customer and lead to more CTR. Implementing CTAs as part of the web design can help visitors navigate through the site more easily, guide them to take action, and improve sales.

Organisation the site navigation

A great user experience is an integral part of a positive customer experience. When thinking about the user experience of a site, businesses need to consider building organized navigation that’s user-friendly, interactive, and seamless. Organized navigation ensures that users find what they are looking for easily and quickly. Without proper navigation, users can get frustrated while moving through the site and that can lead to a greater churn rate. Businesses must organize their navigation in such a way that visitors are able to immediately find the relevant information about products and services.

Improving the site speed

Slow websites cause $2.6 billion in losses in revenue every year. If web pages take more than 3 seconds to load, visitors will churn. Fast website performance is critical to customer satisfaction and customer experience. It’s essential for organizations to optimize their website to enhance loading speed and performance. A good web design can improve a site’s speed and help increase sales.

Using the right visual elements

Users are drawn to visual elements rather than texts. A web design that heavily relies on written texts can be off-putting. Walls of texts must be interrupted with good quality, relevant images. A company’s website must incorporate the right images to invoke the customer’s trust in their products and services. Using real and high-quality images can lead to better customer engagement. It helps to enhance the user experience. Businesses must ensure that all images included in the website are high resolution, optimized, and attractive to create a positive customer perception and engage them organically.

Utilizing landing pages

Landing pages are created solely for marketing purposes. Landing pages drive visitors towards conversion by urging them to click through to the desired action, whether it’s making an online purchase or subscribing to the business newsletter. Using landing pages can help companies to improve their conversion rates by directing and encouraging visitors to make a purchase from the website.

Final Thoughts

Websites are important for online exposure. A good web design that can visually and emotionally engage a user can drive more sales and acquire new customers. At Alkye, we offer clients web design and development services that enable them to grow their business online and meet their business goals and objectives.

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