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Google Pixels really are the iPhones of Android
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Google Pixels really are the iPhones of Android

August 18, 2022

Finally, Google has ambition and a design that can compete with Apple.

On Tuesday, Google unveiled the latest Pixel smartphone, hoping to displace Apple Inc.’s iPhone with its first system processor designed specifically for the device.

The Pixel 6 appears ready to change everything. While there is no assurance that it will elevate Pixel to the status of the iPhone or Galaxy brands, it does imply that Google is at last taking Apple head-on. The tight integration that has eluded many Android device manufacturers is what Google is pursuing, and not just in terms of specs, design, or even marketing. This is Google’s best opportunity to win over Android supporters who have yearned for some of the benefits of the iPhone addition to iPhone users.

Features of the Google Pixel

Let’s have a glance at the features of the google pixel:

  • USB Type-C: After almost a quarter of the twenty-first century, Apple is still using its proprietary Lightning connector technology. You’re going to love how quickly the Pixel 6 charges and USB Type-C connections to other devices. In this manner, I can charge my Pixel 6, iPad Pro, laptop, and a set of headphones when I leave the house by simply remembering to pack a single Lightning cable that functions with multiple devices.
  • The Customisable Android User Experienced: Apple has finally added widget support, making using the iPhone a little less cramped than it was previously. Using the Pixel 6 with Android 12, however, One of the most useful features is the ability to pin shortcuts to the home page. This feature comes in handy for quickly accessing OneNote pages and activating saved Philips Hue lighting scenes with a single tap. The launcher can also be completely changed as an alternative. Although the Google Pixel Launcher has done a respectable job, I’ve switched to the Microsoft Launcher after giving it a fair chance. I prefer the widget-based feed over Google’s news feed because it is more organised.
  • Five Years’ Worth of Updates: The complete control Apple has had over iOS updates has been one of the company’s major advantages over the years. Android phones, in contrast, have suffered because updates are frequently at the whim of carriers who stop caring about keeping phones up to date after a year or two. With the Pixel 6, Google guaranteed that Android version updates would be available for at least three years, until October 2024, and security updates for at least five years, until October 2026. (three years after the hardware was shipped). This is a significant improvement over earlier devices, which only promised security updates for a total of three years.
  • Bedtime Mode: One of the favorite features of the regrettable Windows Phone era was the Glance Screen, which had a night mode and showed the time in a dim reddish font. In that configuration, I could easily check the time if I woke up in the middle of the night by keeping the phone by my bed. Bedtime Mode, a formerly Pixel-only feature that is now available on all Android devices, offers comparable functionality. It is set up to begin running while my phone is charging, which is usually when I am sleeping. In addition to turning the screen to grayscale and enabling Do Not Disturb, it also keeps the clock visible. Just the way I like it.
  • Great Camera and Photo Editing Tools: Simply put, the Pixel 6 Pro is too big, so I chose the smaller Pixel 6. I consequently decided against getting the periscope telephoto lens from the bigger, more expensive model. However, the Pixel 6 takes absolutely lovely pictures with the least amount of fuss even in difficult settings like a concert hall, and it performs especially well in low-light circumstances. The Magic Eraser in the Pixel Photos editing program, however, is the true standout feature because it does a remarkable job of removing distracting people or objects from a photo and blending in the background. It not only accomplishes the task quickly and efficiently, but it also makes a fantastic demonstration.

Final Thoughts

Alkye, as a technology business partner to our clients, always recommends market changes. We also advise our clients to upgrade their technology and consider market changes in order to help their businesses grow and take market share from their competitors.

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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