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Google Maps Updates for your business: create a richer user experience for your brand in Google Maps
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Google Maps Updates for your business: create a richer user experience for your brand in Google Maps

September 29, 2022

Every day, people all over the world rely on Google’s knowledge of the real world to provide them with reliable, optimised directions to get them wherever they’re going. Whether they’re traveling by car, bike, public transportation, or on foot. And every day, developers rely on the directions and distance matric APIs of the Google Maps platform to build features that will help their users get things done. Whether that’s to power their business, navigate to the nearest location, or explore the world around them.

Google has been building to help their users to make these experiences even better in your apps to help your users get around the real world fast and efficiently, wherever they roam. 

Today, Google announced the preview release of the new routes API, which represents the next generation, or V2, of both the directions API and the distance matrix API and introduces new features and performance optimisation. 

The Google Maps consumer app presently offers eco-friendly routing, which allows you to choose routes that are optimised for using less gasoline. In addition, we’re unveiling a number of enhancements, including new advanced routing, map customization, and address validation capabilities, that developers from all over the world have shown a significant interest in. These new features make it simpler to enhance user experiences and boost operational effectiveness. For instance, you can create highly individualised markers and provide drivers with more precise and flexible routeing.

Let’s take a look at the new features:

  • Immersive View: With the help of the new Immersive View feature, you may better plan a vacation by getting to know a destination before you go. Immersive view mixes aerial and Street View images with forecasts of the weather, traffic, and crowds for a certain day and time using computer vision and AI. Users of the program can virtually fly over a possible point of interest to explore. Consider the scenario where you want to check out Oracle Park in San Francisco before going. The parking areas and entrances may be found using Immersive View, along with the weather forecast so you can dress appropriately. To determine how busy the nearby You may also use the feature to glide down to the street level where restaurants will be on a certain day.
  • Improve and Checkout with Reliable Delivery Addresses:

Addresses are necessary to open bank accounts, ship goods, find people and places, and more. However, incorrect address information can waste time and money for your business. An address validator might have prevented the majority of online orders with errors or misspellings in the address. Google is adding Address Validation, a new API, to assist in identifying invalid address inputs. Address validation identifies address components, fixes errors, and adds missing data to addresses to prevent rejected orders, customer service issues, and refunds.

  • Reduce Checkout Friction: You may make the checkout process easier for your clients by offering address updates and guidance that will help guarantee their packages arrive on time and at the proper spot.
  • Reduce Costly Errors: Stop costly issues from occurring like failed deliveries, canceled orders, and chargebacks because of incorrect address inputs. All of which contribute to a rise in customer lifetime value and retention.
  • Improve Delivery Accuracy: Increased knowledge of the location and validity of addresses will increase delivery success rates. 
  • Verify Addresses for Financial Services: Address validation validates addresses for risk assessment and makes sure the address is valid at account sign-up.
  • Eco-friendly Routing: Google also mentioned that the option to enable Maps’ eco-friendly routing would soon be available to app developers. With this, drivers can view and choose the most fuel-efficient path to their destinations. According to Google, is a way to increase the reach of eco-environmental routing initiatives. The features for developers will be made accessible in preview later this year in areas where eco-friendly routing is currently provided, which at the moment comprises the United States, Canada, and some of Western Europe. In the upcoming months, Eco-friendly routing will be accessible in Preview.
  • Make markers your own with Advanced Markers: We receive the most requests from developers for the ability to quickly change the standard red pin directly in your code and to create custom markers using SVG and HTML components. With the Advanced Markers for Maps JavaScript API Preview release, we’re thrilled to give you this option. With Advanced Markers, you can effortlessly change the red pin on Google Maps. You can change the default pin’s color, background, icon, and outline directly in your code without using an image. Because it natively supports SVGs, you may create custom markers using your company’s logo or other pictures. Additionally, you can take advantage of all of CSS’s capabilities to create custom markers with HTML elements that respond to user interactions. For instance, a real estate firm may employ markers to display dynamic home values that change in response to customer input. Additionally, advanced markers perform better. In addition to supporting faster loading speeds for more markers, they also provide smoother panning and zooming while loading more quickly.

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Alkye strongly recommends being a part of current market trends as a technology business partner to our clients in order to reach the target audience.

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