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Google Chrome Latest Update On iOS: Better Security
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Google Chrome Latest Update On iOS: Better Security

June 25, 2022

Recently, Google released Chrome 103 for Android, iOS, and desktop with a few improvements, including quicker site loads due to improved link prefetching. Access to local fonts and support for the Web Share API. The most recent version of Chrome for iOS also includes a few extra features.

Google Chrome will include enhanced security, a Discover feed for the browser, and other elements promised in the upcoming release in order to bring a better feature to iOS users.

In order to provide users with more proactive and individualised protection against phishing, malware, and other web-based threats. Google is finally bringing Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing feature to iOS. Enhanced Safe Browsing on the iPhone and iPad can find potentially harmful websites, warn users about them, and send alerts about credentials that have been compromised.

In the upcoming weeks, Google promises to “bring even more innovation to Chrome on iOS.” Here are the upcoming features for your iPhone as of right now, though:

  • Enhanced Safe Browsing: For the first time, Enhanced Safe Browsing, a Chrome feature created to thwart malware and phishing attacks, is available on iOS. This will warn iPhone users if their entered credentials have been compromised in a data breach and alert them to risky web pages.
  • Chrome Actions: There are pre-written actions for a variety of frequently performed tasks, such as “Clear Browsing Data” or “Set Chrome as Default Browser.” If you start typing the action name—or something similar to it—into the address bar, Chrome will offer it as a quick-access command. Chrome, according to Google, will be able to predict when a specific action might be useful.
  • Online Discovery: To enable users to “browse content, launch new searches, or quickly return to their most frequently visited sites,” Google says it is streamlining the navigation process. Regarding that, there isn’t any more information or even a screenshot you can look at.
  • Password Manager: For creating and entering website logins and passwords, you can choose Google Password Manager as the autofill provider. According to Google, this will also function as a login for other iOS apps.
  • Redesign of the Three-dot Menu: Google hasn’t provided any screenshots of the new design, but claims that it will “make it easier to find features you’re looking for.” In the list’s vertical order, frequently used actions are now listed first, and some actions have been highlighted to draw attention to them. 9to5 Google describes the new menu as a vibrant carousel that provides quick access to bookmarks, history, reading list, passwords, downloads, recent tabs, and settings.
  • Preferred Language: Thanks to machine learning-powered translation on your device, you can browse websites in the language of your choice.

Google Chrome and it’s Applications

Google Chrome aims to provide users with a wide range of features to support their browsing requirements and all other requirements for a browser application. AI Automation is one of the upcoming features for Chrome that will help the company bring the self-functioning feature that will help in their browsing needs.

Since Google owns the Android operating system, as opposed to Apple, which is a third party, Chrome updates for Android typically arrive first. Google, on the other hand, wants to make its new features and capabilities available to Apple users, particularly on the smartphone platform.

Google is now aiming to include iPhone users in the updated version of Chrome in order to give them more authority and control over their browsing, particularly with regard to their data privacy. The new update will put iOS devices side by side with Android devices, especially for those who already have Chrome installed on their iOS devices and prefer Chrome to Safari.

Final Thoughts

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser across all platforms. It frequently receives important security updates and keeping it up to date is essential for your security. At Alkye, we help our clients keep up with industry, rival, and technological trends. We can also help you create brand-new websites and apps using cutting-edge technology. Our mission is straightforward: to help your business expand, remain competitive, and continue to be relevant to your customers.

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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