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Fast-Track Integration Projects: Salesforce's Anypoint Code Builder Unleashed!
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Fast-Track Integration Projects: Salesforce’s Anypoint Code Builder Unleashed!

October 18, 2023

Image: Salesforce

Today, Salesforce made the announcement that MuleSoft’s Anypoint Code Builder is now generally available. This tool is powered by MuleSoft’s trusted generative AI and aims to assist developers in lowering costs and accelerating software development cycles. 

Why it’s relevant: Eighty percent of IT executives say integration difficulties hinder their digital transformation, despite the fact that businesses are racing to develop software that can power their business applications. A large majority (86%) of IT executives think generative AI will soon play a vital role in their businesses.

Innovation in action: Developers can use the Anypoint Code Builder IDE to create APIs and integrations with cutting-edge tools in Visual Studio Code, generate code with the help of natural language prompts, and deploy their projects to a selection of environments, including those in the cloud.

Anypoint Code Builder allows IT teams to:

Use AI to accelerate development: Salesforce’s Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder, currently in pilot, is a groundbreaking tool empowering developers to harness generative AI through natural language prompts. This innovative feature streamlines the code and integration flow development process, facilitating seamless connections between systems and applications. Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder transforms complex coding tasks into intuitive, visually represented integration flows. By simplifying code generation and business logic implementation, it accelerates integration projects, making them more efficient and accessible. With this powerful AI-driven tool, developers can quickly adapt to the ever-evolving demands of integration, creating a more agile and responsive approach. As it moves beyond the pilot phase, Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder holds immense potential to revolutionise the way integration projects are executed, making them faster, smarter, and more intuitive.

Build faster with next-generation developer tooling: Developers gain access to an extensive ecosystem of extensions that play a pivotal role in fostering interoperability across a wide spectrum of technology stacks and ecosystems. This rich and diverse library of extensions provides developers with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate and connect disparate systems and technologies. These extensions serve as valuable building blocks, simplifying the complexity of integration projects and allowing for smoother communication between various platforms.

By leveraging this comprehensive ecosystem, developers can save time and resources, as they don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every integration task. Instead, they can tap into pre-built solutions, components, and connectors, which not only expedite development but also enhance the overall quality of integration efforts. In a fast-paced digital landscape, having easy access to such a resourceful ecosystem is a game-changer, enabling developers to create robust and versatile integrations with ease.

Maintain agility with flexible development environments: Anypoint Code Builder delivers an exceptional degree of flexibility by offering developers the freedom to choose from a range of development environments. These options cater to diverse preferences and project requirements, ensuring a tailored experience.

One option is the desktop Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which can be effortlessly installed locally, seamlessly integrating with the widely popular Visual Studio Code. This empowers developers to work on integration projects with familiar tools, even when offline, promoting efficiency and convenience.

For those who value accessibility and cloud-based collaboration, Anypoint Code Builder also provides a cloud IDE that can be accessed via any web browser. This web-based approach allows developers to work on integration projects from virtually anywhere, fostering collaboration, and easing the burden of installations and updates.

Whether it’s the desktop IDE for a more personalised experience or the cloud IDE for flexibility and convenience, Anypoint Code Builder ensures developers have the tools they need to excel in their integration projects, accommodating their workstyle and preferences.

Accelerate industry-specific integration: Enterprises can expedite industry-specific integration processes by leveraging packaged solutions that are tailor-made to streamline crucial business initiatives. These solutions are designed to accelerate the implementation of integration projects, minimising deployment times, and optimising efficiency. They serve as invaluable tools for companies looking to conform to industry best practices, enhancing their overall operational performance and compliance.

By adopting these specialised packages, organisations can avoid the need to reinvent the wheel when addressing industry-specific integration challenges. They come equipped with pre-configured components and workflows that align with the unique requirements of a given sector, significantly reducing the time and resources required for customisation. These solutions are invaluable in achieving a swift and efficient integration process, enabling companies to focus on core business objectives while ensuring that they operate in alignment with the highest industry standards and regulations. For Example:

  • Healthcare: To improve patient care coordination, organisations can simplify the integration of patient data across the many electronic health records (EHR) platforms.
  • Financial Services: Companies can expedite the creation of innovative financial goods and services by facilitating the flow of data between financial institutions and fintech partners in a manner that is both secure and compliant.
  • Retail: E-commerce platforms can be easily integrated with inventory management systems, allowing businesses to improve both the efficiency with which they fulfill orders and the accuracy of their stock.

Image: Salesforce

Salesforce perspective: “MuleSoft’s Anypoint Code Builder brings cutting-edge AI and a new Visual Studio Code-based basis to our core integration tooling. This allows developers to work more efficiently in their chosen setting while still delivering the same high-quality APIs and connections that have made modern software so successful.” Executive Vice President, Salesforce Automation and Integration Param Kahlon 

Customer perspective: MuleSoft’s Anypoint Code Builder is the best coding companion thanks to its adaptability, vast library of extensions, and user-friendly UI. Anypoint Code Builder gives you the tools you need to produce clean, maintainable code, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned MuleSoft developer.” Enterprise Data Integrations Senior Manager at AVEVA, Rajesh Nagarajan


  • The desktop version of Anypoint Code Builder is now available for purchase.
  • There is a trial program for the Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder.
  • The public release of Anypoint Code Builder (Cloud) is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce’s announcement of the general availability of Anypoint Code Builder, along with its pioneering pilot of generative AI for API and integration development, marks a transformative milestone in the tech industry. This innovation empowers developers with unparalleled tools to fast-track integration projects, enhancing productivity and efficiency. As businesses increasingly rely on interconnected systems and applications, the need for swift and agile integration solutions becomes paramount. With Anypoint Code Builder and the potential of generative AI, Salesforce has reaffirmed its commitment to simplifying the complex, enabling organisations to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. It’s an exciting leap forward, promising a future where integration challenges are met with ease and speed, opening doors to new possibilities in the world of technology.

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