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Everything You Need To Know About iOS16
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Everything You Need To Know About iOS16

June 10, 2022

Here’s what’s new in iOS 16, from Apple’s biggest-ever update to the iPhone lock screen to a slew of feature updates.

iOS 16 improves the iPhone with new personalisation features, deeper intelligence and seamless communication and sharing. Among all of the new features revealed – including new MacBooks, an all-new M2 chip, and some exciting virtual reality tools – the latest mobile operating system, iOS 16, is likely to have the greatest impact.

However, unlike iOS 15, which was available on all iPhone models starting with the iPhone 6S, iOS 16 will only be available on iPhone 8 models, which may disappoint some users. The iPhone 7, 7S, and first-generation SE are no longer available.

Key Features of iOS 16

  • New Lock Screen: The lock screen is the most significant change in iOS 16. You can now customise your lock screen for the first time to make it even more personalised. 

The Lock Screen in iOS 16 has a multilayered effect that places subjects in photos in front of the time, giving it a sense of depth. To change the date and time, different typefaces and colors can be used. The Lock Screen gallery contains numerous options, such as Pride and Unity, weather (for live weather conditions as they change throughout the day), astronomy, and others. It’s also simple to create your own lock screens with your favorite emojis or colors. You can have multiple lock screens and swipe between them.

  • Mail: Mail app users can now schedule emails in advance and cancel the delivery of a message before it reaches a recipient’s inbox. The Mail app will detect if the user forgets to include something important in their message, such as attachments. Remind Later allows you to resurface a message, and Follow Up will remind you to check on an email if you haven’t heard back.
  • Siri: Without any additional setup, you can now run shortcuts as soon as an app is downloaded to your iPhone. Siri can also add emojis to messages, send messages without confirmation, and hang up the phone and FaceTime calls hands-free. Saying “Hey Siri, hang up” accomplishes this. 
  • Messages: Messages have also seen significant enhancements that many users will appreciate. Users will be able to edit or recall recently sent messages, recover messages that have been accidentally deleted, and mark entire conversations as unread so that they can return to them later.

SharePlay is also coming to Messages, allowing you to enjoy synced content like music or movies while chatting in Messages with shared playback controls.

  • SharePlay: Apple first introduced SharePlay in iOS 15, but the feature has been improved in iOS 16. There will be better integration of SharePlay with FaceTime if there is a section that shows all of your SharePlay-enabled apps that are installed on your device. It will appear in your messages and conversations as well.
  • Wallet: The Wallet app is receiving numerous updates, the most notable of which is Apple Pay Later. With iOS 16, you can pay for an Apple Pay purchase over the course of six weeks in four equal installments, with no interest or additional fees. Apple Pay Later payments can be viewed, tracked, and replayed directly in the Wallet app. When shopping at Apple Pay merchants or right in the Wallet, users can sign up for Apple Pay Later. Wherever Apple Pay is accepted, Apple Pay Later will be available in stores and online.
  • Privacy: 

There will be significant changes to privacy with the introduction of Safety Check in iOS 16. This appears to be a direct response to the uproar over AirTags and the unwanted tracking of people in abusive relationships.

You can quickly revoke access to data you previously granted to others, such as location, passwords, and other information, using Safety Check. It can clear all app privacy permissions, encrypt all messages, and limit FaceTime messages to the device in your hand.

  • iCloud Shared Photo Library

The iCloud Shared Photo Library is a separate iCloud library where up to six users can collaborate, contribute, and enjoy photos in a new and improved way. Everyone who is included can add, share, and delete photos with equal ease. You can share photos from your personal photo library or by the date they were taken, the start date, or even the people in the photos.

Photos from these iCloud Shared Photo Libraries can now be automatically shared using a new toggle in the Camera app. You can also get intelligent suggestions for sharing photos that include participants in the Shared Photo Library.

Final Thoughts

Apple’s WWDC 2022 keynote included a slew of new software updates for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. As a technology business partner with our clients, Alkye always advises staying current with market trends in order to reach the target audience. 

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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