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Do You Know Why Your Business Profile Got Suspended?
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Do You Know Why Your Business Profile Got Suspended?

April 9, 2022

For small and large businesses alike, a google my business listing is an essential online marketing tool. A Google my business account is simply to set up, dependable and free, making it ideal for start-ups and small businesses. 

Google has become more sensitive to spam or fraud on Google My Business profile, especially in the home service industry. As a result, it’s much more common for an account to be suspended automatically, even for minor changing in your listing’s primary categories or phone number.  

What is a Google Business Profile(GBP) Suspension?

Your Google listing is suspended when it is no longer active or appears in search results. Your business will become unverified as a result of a Google suspension. It will not be allowed to show up your competitors when someone searches for the relevant search of the business, including your business name. This would result in a loss of leads and website clicks, as well as the possibility of your reviews being removed permanently. 

When your business is suspended, Google does not send you a notification. To find out if your Google My Business profile has been suspended, you must actively and frequently monitor it.

Types of Profile Suspensions

  • Soft Suspension: Your company has been flagged as unverified for some reason, resulting in a soft suspension. When you log into your GMB account after being hit with a soft suspension, you’ll see a suspension notice, but your listing will still appear on Google and Google Maps. It will be taken away from you until proof of verification is provided.  
  • Hard Suspension: A hard suspension is a major issue. Google has determined that your listing is either ineligible for a listing or violates its guidelines. When you receive a hard suspension, you won’t be able to access your listing record and will receive a removal notification when you log in to your account.  
  • Owner Account Suspension: As a result of the owner’s account suspension, the listing owner’s Google account was suspended. When a Google account is suspended, Google bans and removes any listings owned by that Google account owner from the search result. 
  • Manager Account Suspension: Someone who manages your listing but does not own it has their account suspended with the manager account suspension. Your listings are not removed from the search results in this case. 

Reasons For Suspension of Google Business Profile

  • Your Business is in a High-Risk Category: Some companies are regarded as spammy or high-risk. Spammy profiles and fraudulent or false Business Profiles are common in these categories. Google investigates specific industries more thoroughly and suspends profiles more frequently, particularly if they break even the most basic rule. This category includes plumbers, insurance agents, lawyers, real estate agents, and others. If your company is in a high-risk area, your Business Profile already has a red mark. As a result, ensure that you adhere to the rules and regulations.
  • Spammy and Keyword Stuffed Business Names:  Keyword-heavy business names are disliked by both viewers and Google. A Google proximity algorithm update, which caused spammy business IDs to fall in ranking, was a recent event in this regard. “Represent your business name accurately online to help customers find your business,” Google advises. Your name should reflect your company’s real-world name, as it appears on your storefront, website, and stationery, as well as what customers know about you.”
  • Business Running From Postal Address: Google states that “P.O. boxes or mailboxes in remote locations are unacceptable.” In other words, you can’t do business at a post office or a UPS Store. If your company has a remote address, such as a P.O. box or UPS box, you won’t be able to create a Google Business Profile. It will be deactivated if you create a Google Business Profile.
  • Multiple GMB profile changes: Keep in mind that making multiple changes to your Google My Business listing profile at once appears unusual and suspicious. Rather than alerting Google and risking suspension, plan your edits ahead of time. Better yet, double-check that your account information is correct the first time you fill it out.

How to Manage Business Profile?

Check your listing to ensure that any changes to your service offerings, hours, or location are reflected. Filling out your Google My Business listing and letting it attract customers on its own is risky for a number of reasons. You must, first and foremost, use the same company name, address, and other information across all online platforms. A problem arises when information from different platforms contradicts each other. As a result of these inconsistencies, Google is more likely to suspend your listing. To make it easier for local customers to find you, include your business name, address, business category, business hours, phone numbers, and service area in your GMB listing. When all forms are correctly completed and your listing is error-free, you reduce the risk of suspension.

Final Thoughts

Your business will benefit from having a Google Business Profile. Maintain the accuracy of the information in your listing; otherwise, your account will be suspended.

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