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Customer can now message merchants directly via Google Merchant Centre
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Customers Can Now Message Merchants Directly Via Google Merchant Centre

March 22, 2022

As part of a Google messaging pilot program, customers can send direct messages to Google merchant email addresses.

Customers will be able to send messages to your Google Merchant Center account’s customer service email address. Google has sent an email to a select group of merchants inviting them to take part in the pilot.

What Is Google Merchant Centre?

The Google Merchant Center is a single online dashboard for online merchants. They can update their online listings and manage their appearance across all Google e-commerce products.

The Google Merchant Center’s primary goal is to allow businesses to upload. And maintain product information, such as pictures and pricing, in order for it to appear in relevant Google Shopping searches. Its Center also integrates with other Google services, like Google My Business. To give you complete control over your Google-based marketing and e-commerce.

Advantages of Google Merchant Centre

Google Merchant Centre offers a plethora of benefits to its users.

  • Be Everywhere: Google’s omnipresence is a fantastic benefit that it provides to all of its partners. Google has a finger in the pie no matter what platform your shopper wants to buy from. When you upload your product information to GMC, it will be visible to millions of shoppers all over the world.
  • Dynamic Remarketing Ad Campaigns: At first, the vast majority of customers will be hesitant to buy your product. The majority of people simply want to know how much something costs the first time they see it, so they add it to their shopping cart. This enables you to remarket a product to a specific customer, complete with personalised messages designed to pique their interest.
  • Show Relevant Content to Customers: You can edit and control the relevant information that appears on the SERP for your targeted keyword with GMC. Instead of a text link, there will be an image of your product along with information about the platform on which it is sold.
  • Grow Your Audience: Your product’s discoverability improves when you list it on Google. A new customer might discover that you’re selling the best product for their needs thanks to your product listings. Local inventory ads, which inform shoppers that you have an in-stock product nearby, can also help businesses with a storefront attract local customers.
  • Sell Your Products Globally: Shopping is now available in over 90 countries, allowing you to reach a global audience with your products. To start displaying your inventory to potential buyers all over the world, set up multi-country feeds in the Merchant Centre.
  • Improve Results with Customised Optimised: Merchant Centre not only organises your product and business data, but it also helps you improve your performance. You can learn more about ways to improve your product data or campaigns to get more clicks on the Opportunities page of Merchant Centre.

Messaging with Customers Just Got Easier

Google Merchants made it easier to update your business profile directly. From the Google products, you already use—Maps and Search—earlier this year. You can now access even more features from these products. By allowing you to interact with customers while also updating your business information in one place.

Improve customer service by allowing customers to speak with a live agent and building customer trust by displaying expected wait times and answers to frequently asked questions. Carousel suggestions and photos are just a few of the rich features that can help you increase loyalty, purchase, schedule appointments, and upsell.

  • Why We Care: Allowing potential customers to contact merchants through Google Shopping could increase the platform’s value for both merchants and customers. Gaining more customers and retailers will help Google compete with Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces as a shopping destination.
  • How It Works: Within a product listing, customers will see a “Message Store” button. When a customer clicks the button, a new tab opens with a messaging interface where they can type a message. The merchant’s responses will be sent to the email address associated with the customer’s Google account.
  • What Google Said in the Email:  Google quoted “We’re excited to announce a new messaging pilot to help you connect with customers and improve your sales through Google Shopping,” Google wrote in the email. “This optional feature will allow customers to send messages to the customer service email address you’ve provided in your Merchant Centre account.” 

Final Thoughts

As a technology partner, Alkye Services believes in incorporating the most recent technological. And trends in order to keep our partners and clients ahead of the competition.

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