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Attention Salesforce Enthusiasts: Brace Yourself for the Epic Upgrades in the Latest Release!
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Attention Salesforce Enthusiasts: Brace Yourself for the Epic Upgrades in the Latest Release!

June 16, 2023

Salesforce is a pioneering customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry. With its comprehensive suite of tools and cloud-based infrastructure, Salesforce empowers businesses of all sizes to streamline their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. As a leading CRM solution, organisations can cultivate strong customer relationships, drive revenue growth, and enhance overall efficiency.

In the dynamic world of technology, staying updated with the latest releases is crucial for Salesforce users. Each new release brings a host of innovative features, enhancements, and performance improvements that can revolutionise the way businesses operate. Users can unlock cutting-edge functionalities, harness advanced analytics, and leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning by keeping pace with updates. Staying updated on new releases guarantees users receive bug fixes, security patches, and compliance updates, safeguarding data and ensuring competitiveness.

Let’s have a look at all the latest releases and updates by Salesforce:

  • Salesforce Announces AI Cloud – Bringing Trusted Generative AI to the Enterprise
  • Salesforce and Google Cloud Announce Expanded Strategic Partnership to Unlock the Power of AI, Data, and CRM

Salesforce Announces AI Cloud – Bringing Trusted Generative AI to the Enterprise

  • AI Cloud revolutionises CRM, boosting customer experiences and productivity. By integrating AI, data, analytics, and automation, it delivers reliable, real-time generative AI for enterprises, empowering them with a trusted, open platform.
  • The Einstein Trust Layer enhances AI Cloud’s openness and extensibility, optimising models for specific tasks and empowering customers with flexibility and choice. It ensures the right model is utilised, maximising efficiency and customisation within the platform.
  • AI Cloud introduces the innovative Einstein Trust Layer, setting a benchmark for secure enterprise AI. It leverages generative AI’s advantages while prioritising data privacy and security, ensuring trusted and cutting-edge AI solutions for businesses.

In San Francisco on June 12, 2023, Salesforce unveiled the AI Cloud, the simplest and most dependable way for its customers to use generative AI. Which helps them to improve their business efficiency and customer experiences. 

“AI Cloud, built on the #1 CRM, is the fastest and easiest way for our customers to unleash the incredible power of AI, with trust at the center driven by our new Einstein GPT Trust Layer.” MARC BENIOFF, CHAIRMAN AND CEO OF SALESFORCE

AI Cloud’s groundbreaking Einstein GPT Trust Layer addresses risks linked to adopting generative AI. It empowers customers to fulfill data security and compliance requirements while enjoying the advantages of generative AI within their enterprise, fostering trust and innovation.

AI Cloud delivers the future of trusted enterprise generative AI

Salesforce technologies like Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, etc will be integrated into AI Cloud to deliver dependable, open-source generative AI that is prepared for the enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology, revolutionising industries across the globe. With advancements in machine learning and deep learning algorithms, AI has become increasingly capable of generating human-like outputs. However, as the complexity of AI models and data grows, so does the need for robust and scalable infrastructure.

The Rise of Generative AI:

Generative AI refers to the ability of AI systems to generate new content, whether it’s text, images, music, or even entire scenarios. This capability has enormous potential in various sectors, including content creation, product design, virtual reality, and more. By leveraging generative AI, enterprises can unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in their respective fields.

Trust and Reliability:

One of the biggest concerns with generative AI is ensuring trust and reliability in the generated outputs. In sectors like healthcare, finance, and legal, where accuracy and compliance are critical. Organisations cannot afford any compromise in the integrity of AI-generated results. AI cloud platforms address this challenge by providing robust mechanisms for data privacy, model explainability, and transparency. They ensure the generated outputs are trustworthy and auditable.

Scalability and Performance:

Enterprise-scale generative AI requires significant computational resources and high-performance infrastructure. AI Cloud platforms are designed to handle the compute-intensive nature of AI workloads, offering scalable and elastic resources. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, organisations can tap into vast computational capabilities on-demand, enabling them to train and deploy complex generative AI models efficiently.

Data Management and Security:

Data plays a crucial role in training generative AI models. AI Cloud platforms provide comprehensive data management tools that facilitate data ingestion, storage, and preprocessing. In addition to robust security measures such as data encryption, access controls, and compliance frameworks. They ensure sensitive data’s confidentiality and integrity throughout the AI pipeline.

Collaboration and Integration:

AI Cloud platforms foster collaboration among data scientists, researchers, and developers. AI enables them to work together seamlessly on generative AI projects. These platforms often provide collaborative tools, version control, and model-sharing capabilities, empowering teams to iterate and improve their AI models collectively. Moreover, AI Cloud integrates with existing enterprise systems and workflows, allowing organisations to leverage generative AI alongside their existing infrastructure.

Salesforce and Google Cloud Announce Expanded Strategic Partnership to Unlock the Power of AI, Data, and CRM

June 7, 2023 – To help businesses use data and AI to deliver more individualised customer experiences, understand consumer behavior, and run more effective campaigns at a lower cost across marketing, sales, service, and commerce, an expanded strategic partnership between Salesforce and Google Cloud was announced.

Turning business data into actionable insights and personalised experiences

  • Salesforce Data Cloud + Google BigQuery

The enhanced integration between Salesforce Data Cloud and BigQuery empowers companies to effortlessly build comprehensive customer profiles, enabling the delivery of highly tailored experiences. Salesforce and Google Cloud allow seamless data access, centralizing data, eliminating duplication, and simplifying processes. This streamlined approach minimises costs and complexities associated with data movement while ensuring data governance and trust are maintained.

New integrations between Salesforce Data Cloud and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI empower customers to seamlessly incorporate Vertex models into the Salesforce Platform. This enables businesses to address their unique requirements, such as predicting purchasing patterns or identifying churn likelihood, across their Salesforce Customer 360 data. By offering zero-copy data access for AI model training, companies can optimise their AI investments by gaining instant access to unified customer data. This streamlines the model development process and enhances the precision and effectiveness of AI predictions and insights.

“Google Cloud and Salesforce share a commitment to helping businesses accelerate their data-driven transformations. This new partnership brings together one of the world’s largest data clouds from Salesforce with analytics and AI capabilities from Google Cloud, and represents a significant leap forward in businesses’ ability to generate more value and insights from their customer data.” – Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud 

Salesforce, the renowned global CRM leader, empowers companies across all sizes and industries to embark on their digital transformation journeys and establish a comprehensive 360° view of their customers. Read more tech news here to see how the latest market developments could shape your digital experience.

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