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Apple Loosens Grip On App Store Pricing
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Apple Loosens Grip On App Store Pricing 

December 9, 2022

Apple is keeping a promise it recently made to developers. As of December 6, developers of apps on the App Store have access to more than 700 new price tier options. There are currently 900 different price point options available, with options ranging from $0.29 to $10,000.

Developers will also gain new flexibility 

Apple announced on December 6th the most extensive enhancements to pricing capabilities since the launch of the App Store. Developers will now have access to 700 new price points and new pricing features that will make it easier for them to manage changes in currency conversion rates, establish prices for specific App Store countries or regions, and more.

On December 6, 2022, users with auto-renewable subscriptions will be the first to have access to the changes. In the spring of 2023, in-app purchases and paid apps will have access to them.

Know everything about: Apple Loosens Grip On App Store Pricing 

Since the App Store’s inception, its first-rate commerce and payment infrastructure have made it possible for developers to quickly set up and advertise their products and services on a global scale. The App Store’s commerce and payment system offers developers a wide variety of choices and resources to aid in the growth of their enterprises. These choices and resources include powerful marketing tools, tax and fraud services, refund management, user-friendly checkout, and clear customer billing.

Image Credit: Apple

Under the new App Store pricing model, all developers will have access to 900 price points, which is about ten times more options than were previously available for most apps. There are 600 more price points are available, with an additional 100 higher ones available upon request. Prices will offer a wider range of prices, increasing gradually across pricing ranges, allowing developers worldwide even more alternatives. Price points will start at $0.29 and can grow to $10,000 upon request.

The worldwide equalisation tools available on the App Store have made it easy and practical for developers that distribute their apps internationally to control prices across different territories. Today’s improvements build on these possibilities by enabling developers to maintain their local currency in any storefront of their choice despite changes in taxes and international exchange rates. This implies that, for instance, a Japanese game developer that receives the majority of their revenue from Japanese clients can fix their price for the Japanese shop and have their prices outside the nation alter in response to changes in currency exchange rates and tax rates. Also defined by the storefront, the availability of in-app purchases will be available to all developers.

In response to variations in taxes and exchange rates, Apple periodically modifies prices in particular locations. Using publicly accessible exchange rate data from financial data sources, the rates for in-app purchases are maintained consistently across all stores. Right now, price changes can be made by developers if taxes or exchange rates change. Starting in 2023, developers of premium apps and in-app purchases will be able to set local area pricing that is separate from automated price changes.

Final Thoughts

These newly announced tools, which will begin rolling out today and continue through 2023, will give developers even more flexibility in pricing their products while remaining approachable to the hundreds of millions of users Apple serves around the world, allowing developers to thrive on the App Store. Alkye Services strongly recommends being a part of current market trends as a technology business partner to our clients in order to reach the target audience.

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Shikha Rana

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