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APM & EMM - The android must know features
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APM & EMM – The android must know features

November 9, 2021

With the advancement of mobile technology and application technology in recent years, Android has risen to become the world’s most popular mobile operating system. (APM & EMM)

With the rapid growth of mobile app development, enterprise mobile app development prioritizes Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM). These techniques improve a mobile app’s performance while also acting as a quality assurance test. Furthermore, it ensures the security and protection of developed applications and allows developers to exchange data efficiently across multiple mobile devices.

In the rise of mobile app development, both have become quality assurance testers for mobile apps. It aids app protection and security, as well as allows employees to efficiently exchange data on mobile devices.

APM ( Application Performance Management)

APM is a critical tool for optimizing and monitoring the performance of your apps. Application Performance Management refers to the monitoring of the speed and accuracy with which transactions are performed by customers, systems, and the underlying network infrastructure in order to achieve complete, end-to-end visibility into the operation of your applications. If the apps are not performing as expected, data on the root cause is collected and analyzed to find solutions.

APM: benefits for android

Enhance Customers Experience: Customer loyalty can be increased by delivering higher customer satisfaction, which is one of the major advantages of APM. It has features like end-to-end SLA tracking and visibility across any network system, as well as user experience monitoring and efficient deployments. It enables customers to locate and resolve issues. As a result, we can say that APM assists organizations in resolving potential performance issues.

  • Better Business Continuity: Companies that adopt and invest in application performance monitoring systems can reap benefits such as increased business continuity, efficient issue resolution, safer system upgrades, and infrastructure changes. Using APM tools, IT teams can better predict and reduce downtime.
  • Greater Innovation: Investing in a good APM will improve the manageability, smoothness, and user-friendliness of an application. As a result, app developers can devote more time to creating new features and delivering innovations. APM reduces the occurrence of issues in the development of an application, allowing developers to focus on their primary tasks.
  • More Valuable Organizations: APM provides greater visibility into the application, allowing IT services to meet business SLAs. We can measure the impact on the business due to the context analytics gained through APM. As a result, service performance is directly linked to financial results. This ability elevates the organization’s value. APM gives us the broad perspective we need to make data-driven, service-based investment decisions. It collects performance data and monitors system resource utilization, allowing the company to gain a comprehensive understanding of how servers and infrastructure consume resources.
  • Increase Speed and Competitiveness: Application performance monitoring ensures application optimization, allowing businesses to meet industry-driven demands while increasing speed and agility. 

EMM ( Enterprise Mobility Management) 

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a set of policies and practices that businesses use to protect sensitive corporate data on both company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices. Wrapping and containerization, mobile device management, and enterprise synchronization are all examples of EMM, which is the streamlining of processes, technology, and people involved in mobile computing with the goal of achieving shared goals.

EMM: benefits for android

  • Management of Mobile and Stationary devices: Organizations have a diverse set of devices. Mobile devices are not always used on the go, and PCs and other large devices are not always used in the office. The goal of EMM is to consolidate as many of an organization’s devices as possible under one umbrella.
  • Protect Employee’s Information: Similarly, if an employee is concerned that private data will be compromised or disappear, he or she will be hesitant to use his or her device at work. EMM also rises to the occasion.
  • Control of Corporate Application:  App stores are common in EMM platforms. The main concept is that apps can be deployed quickly and safely. This adaptability allows a company to seize unexpected opportunities and respond quickly to changing circumstances in other ways.
  • Simplification of Management, Security, and Other Functions: The mobile world in general, and BYOD in particular, gained a lot of traction in the business world very quickly. The resulting security and management challenges were enormous, and they sparked a lot of software innovation. To some extent, the current era is marked by the integration of those tools into larger platforms. EMM is a crucial step in this process.
  • Keeping Security Software Up to Date: Employees aren’t always able or willing to keep their security up to date, and security postures change frequently. EMM capabilities can result in more timely patch distribution and, as a result, a safer workplace.

Final Thoughts

Recently technology is rapidly developing with some new features and upgrading systems for the websites and applications. In the technological world, Industries are changing at a rapid pace. When end users access applications, e-commerce websites, and corporate websites, a slow website can hurt a company’s productivity, profits, and even brand image. At Alkye, we being a business partner with our clients, also suggest coming along with the updated technology to make their business more impactful. 

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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