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Android 13 Is Making An Update With Work And Personal Profiles.
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Android 13 Is Making An Update With Work And Personal Profiles

September 29, 2022

Google also wants you to have the work-life balance you want with Android 13.

To preserve user privacy, Android 13 offers photo picker and notification permissions. Per-app languages, tailored app icons, and clipboard previews help you work more efficiently. They are developed for modern standards such as Bluetooth LE Audio and MIDI 2.0 over USB. Ensure a better experience for tablet and large display users.

You have a choice over how your devices portray your identity with Android 13. It contains a tonne of fresh features for smartphones and tablets. With one click, you can copy text and media from one Android smartphone and paste them on another. By introducing new apps, we are expanding the range of app color themes. It also enables you to set up language choices and modify privacy settings individually for each app.

For businesses using Android Enterprise, new features are now available in Android 13. The work profile is easy to use, the Android Management API has been improved, and security has been strengthened. Additionally, Pixel devices provide productivity tools for professional profiles like smart dictation. 

What can you expect from the most recent update to Android 13? Let’s have a look at the new features of Android 13 that are going to help users with their work and personal life balance.

Android 13 Updates Work Profile

Android 13 introduces additional upgrades for Google’s Work profiles, building on the year-old progress in isolating personal data from work data.

Through these modifications, Google will provide a line by not merging employees’ work and home lives. Not only does it have many useful features, but Google Work profiles will also deliver a smoother experience, a new minimalist look, and better productivity.

Customise The Employee Experience with Android 13

Work profiles have long been a part of Android’s business settings, separating and protecting an employee’s personal data. One of the most significant improvements to the quality of life in Android 13 is how professional and personal accounts are handled. While admin policies can still control both, employees can now simply discern between their personal and professional identities and switch back and forth between them.

“Depending on where an app is installed, employees can choose to open it in either their professional or personal profile,” Google explained. If they wish to keep work-related content out of their personal apps—so, for example, a work-related training video on YouTube does not damage their personal watchlist—they can view that content in their browser instead.

Security Controls

Google claims that privacy and security are at the core of the Android Enterprise platform, which includes Android 13. The corporation’s first sneak peek provides persuasive evidence for its desire for corporate users to be aware of their control over security settings. To ensure that employees always maintain their privacy while at work. Users now only have one photo gallery per profile, and the one that isn’t being used is immediately hidden.

With features like Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi tethering, Android 13 also allows IT, administrators, additional control over device Wi-Fi access. In accordance with the criteria of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). It adds security records for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and password actions. Additionally, Android 13 has expanded the list of more than 30 modules. That may be remotely updated through Google System Updates to include Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) for quicker security patches.

Increasing Work Productivity with Android 13

On a single device, the work profile already contributes to the accessibility and security of company data. As well as the privacy and segregation of personal profile data. The Work profile offers employees an even smoother experience on Android 13. Thanks to a more user-friendly design, increased productivity, and enhanced cross-device capabilities.

Switching between personal and professional profiles is now easier while still complying with cross-profile admin requirements. Employees can open an app in either their personal or professional profile, depending on where it is installed. Customers can view work-related content through their browser. Rather than their personal apps, ensuring that, for example, a YouTube training video does not conflict with their personal watchlist. Workers’ preferences can change when sharing photos with an app. They choose between their personal and work photo galleries, enabling access to only specific files rather than their whole media collection.

Final Thoughts

In order to reach the target audience, Alkye strongly advises our clients to keep up with current market trends as a technology business partner.

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