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All You Need To Know About Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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All You Need To Know About Salesforce Commerce Cloud!

February 19, 2022

Major global retail brands such as Adidas, Burton, Puma, and Lacoste use Salesforce Commerce Cloud, previously known as ‘Demandware’. Is it the best e-commerce solution for your company? There are a lot of e-commerce solutions out there, but few can match Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s (SFCC) one-to-one experiences. Demandware was renamed SFCC in early 2016 to provide a unified e-commerce experience. It inspires a personalized shopping journey for every customer across all commerce channels; web, mobile, social, store, etc.

For more than two decades, Salesforce has been assisting businesses in managing their customer databases and automating their business processes. Consistency and innovation are hallmarks of Salesforce platforms. It is constantly updating its functionality and adding new tools in order to keep up with the latest market trends. Salesforce has continued to rediscover itself from providing users with Salesforce data migration tools to expanding into new industries.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

For brands and retailers, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a leading software-as-a-service e-commerce solution. This sophisticated, intelligent platform equally important enables businesses to provide an exceptional online shopping experience to each and every customer. SFCC provides all of the tools e-commerce businesses need to plan, launch, market, and track their online stores. In addition, this solution’s top-of-the-line features include content management, customer service management, inventory management, order fulfillment, and personalized shopping.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Salesforce B2B Commerce is a cloud-based commerce solution that enables you to meet business buyers’ complex online purchasing requirements. With Salesforce B2B Commerce, you can generate revenue faster and scale your business easily as it grows. And further provide your B2B customers with a streamlined, B2C-inspired user experience. Salesforce B2B Commerce is built natively on the Salesforce Platform. This allows you to connect your commerce and CRM data to create a single customer view.

Why do you need Salesforce?

  • Commerce Cloud Digital: To create fully responsive eCommerce websites, you get popular tools, mobile frameworks, and features. You can use Commerce Cloud Digital to promote your online store on social media and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, you can improve customer mobile experience by optimizing mobile payment and search, reducing abandoned carts, and developing your own branded app.
  • Commerce Portals: With account portals, loyalty programs, and other tools, you can engage and encourage your customers to form long-term relationships. Use communities and social media to share relevant content and company news with your audience. At each stage of their shopping journey, provide your customers with relevant learning materials.
  • Order Management: This software allows you to automate the payment process, and manage returns and cancellations. Also, optimize the process of fulfilling and delivering orders from customers all over the world.
  • Seamless upgrades: Salesforce is constantly adding new features in the background as a SaaS platform. These can be accessed through the administration panel, and they don’t require much technical knowledge on your part.
  • Commerce Platform: It provides a variety of templates, developer tools, and commerce APIs for creating eCommerce websites without the need for coding. Within one platform, you can connect your commerce data across all digital channels and get data-driven insights into customer experiences.

Salesforce benefits that will help your business grow!

Users of Commerce Cloud can take advantage of a number of unique benefits. That can help retailers improve the customer journey. This popular e-commerce platform is frequently described as innovative, intelligent, and interactive. The following are some of the most significant advantages that businesses can obtain by implementing SFCC.

  • Scalability: With Commerce Cloud, you can successfully address today’s business challenges, such as high traffic, deep data storage, massive amounts of goods, and high transaction volumes. With Commerce Cloud, you can seamlessly implement new technologies and automatic scalability, as well as handle traffic spikes and other unforeseen events.
  • Focus on Rich Mobile Experience: It’s not surprising that the number of people who shop on their smartphones is growing rapidly. As a result, having a mobile-friendly or even better, mobile-responsive e-commerce store is essential. Google has prioritized mobile-first indexing, mobile responsiveness, and page load speed. You should have a mobile-friendly e-commerce store to stay ahead of the competition. Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Salesforce commerce cloud is that it places a strong emphasis on a mobile-first strategy. The Salesforce commerce cloud is all about giving mobile shoppers the best possible shopping experience.
  • Unified Commerce: From marketing to successful purchase and retention campaigns, you can benefit from connecting the customer’s entire shopping experience via digital channels. You can personalize each customer’s journey and offer relevant product recommendations if you have information about their interactions with your brand and shopping activities. Commerce Cloud comes with all of the tools you’ll need to build a customer-centric business model and exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Top-of-the-Line Customer Support: All of Salesforce’s merchants receive round-the-clock, undivided support, ensuring that their businesses run smoothly and grow quickly. Additionally, Salesforce commerce cloud support covers a wide range of issues. Which includes everything from code fixes to security patch upgrades, and so on.
  • Omni-channel Functionality: If there is one feature or capability that the Salesforce commerce cloud places a strong emphasis on, it is enabling merchants to manage their businesses across multiple channels from a single platform. With a single SaaS solution, merchants can streamline multiple operations such as sales, order management, inventory management, conversions, and marketing campaigns. Not only does it provide merchants with flexibility, but it also allows you to save a lot of time and effort.

Final Thoughts

Many websites and apps are rapidly evolving, with new user-friendly features being added all the time.  Alkye strongly recommends being on par with current market trends as a technology business partner. The Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform. That allows businesses to create intelligence. And then unified buying experiences for their customers across all channels—mobile, social, web, and store.

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