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All You Need to Know About IOS 15.
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All You Need to Know About IOS 15

September 9, 2021

Continuing with its legacy, Apple released a new iPhone update. Last year, iOS 14 was released, and it included features like home screen widgets and the App Library. As a successor, Apple released its new amazing iOS 15 updates. It is expected to have a similar impact on our daily lives.

When it comes to iOS, Apple follows one particular release schedule for its updates. At WWDC in June each year, the features are showcased. The full version will be released in September to coincide with the release of new iPhones.

iPhone users can now download the trending update iOS 15 to upgrade their phones. Apple iOS 15 will include a slew of new features that will completely modify iPhones and iPads. The most recent software update will allow users to connect and explore the world by utilizing powerful artificial intelligence.

IOS 15: Glimpse of all the features

Although iOS 14 was a significant upgrade, Apple has a lot in store for iOS 15. Which has been extensively detailed. It also outlined the top features of iOS 15 that you should be aware of.

  • FaceTime Feature: FaceTime now allows you to create a group video chat with Android and Windows users via a web link. Apple is adding spatial audio support to FaceTime calls in order to make them feel more natural and comfortable, especially during large group chats. FaceTime has some new visual and audio features in iOS 15. Portrait mode, which blurs the background, and a grid view, which arranges participants in even rows and columns, similar to Zoom, are now available for FaceTime video calls. FaceTime calls can be scheduled using FaceTime links, which you can share via email, text, WhatsApp, or any other messaging app.
  • Notifications: This update should make your life a little easier with the new notification feature update in ios 15. On the lock screen, a new Notification Summary organizes your notifications for a more streamlined appearance. There’s no need to be concerned about missing out on anything. The Notification Summary is now even better due to the new Focus option. Work, Personal, Sleep, and Do Not Disturb are the four preset Focus modes. You can also create up to ten Focuses to prioritize notifications based on your situation.
  • Memories: This feature allows your iPhone to suggest photos from your photo library, making the experience far more engaging. In iOS 15, Apple will add new categories to the Retrospective slideshow, such as people, places, and even specific trips, as well as automatically generate videos with new effects and integrate them with Apple Music. Despite the fact that you can manually and individually customize the tracks from your Apple Music library, the iPhone will automatically create an Apple Music soundtrack to accompany your throwback videos.
  • Privacy update: Siri now defaults to processing requests on-device, demonstrating Apple’s commitment to user data security. All speech recognition, including Siri queries, is handled on-device by default. Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from determining whether or not you have opened an email and from obtaining your IP address. The App Privacy Report, a new privacy option in iOS 15, displays which apps have recently accessed your location, photos, microphone, and other personal information. Secure copying and pasting, as well as photo and location sharing, are now available for app developers to include in their applications.
  • Camera: Apple has upgraded the iPhone’s camera to include a text-scanning feature. Live Text extracts text from photos and can also be used to extract text from screenshots and online photos. When you take a picture, it recognizes text that you can copy and paste into an email or text message, or you can use text from an existing photo to search the web. It can also recognize phone numbers and dial them directly from the image.
  • Focus Mode for Better Work-life Balance: Focus Modes are a more advanced version of the long-available DND feature on iOS. It presents you with a few options based on what you’re doing, and it modifies a few settings on your phone, specifically notification settings, to match that mode. You can have a personal mode that receives all of your personal notifications, and a work mode that only receives notifications from work-related apps. There’s also a Focus Mode for sleeping, and Apple claims that iOS 15 will learn about users’ usage patterns and recommend Focus Modes based on location or activities like working out.

Final Thoughts

Technology is rapidly developing and evolving some new friendly features on many sites and apps. The new update in Apple, IOS 15. New amazing features make iPhone users more engaged and upgrade with their phones. At Alkye, as a technology business partner with our clients, we always recommend changes going in the market. We also suggest our clients make upgrades and consider changes in their technology. They are going on the market to help their businesses grow and take market share from their competitors.

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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