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Adobe introduce payment services for adobe commerce
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Adobe Introduce Payment Services for Adobe Commerce

March 8, 2022

Adobe Commerce merchants will now find it easier to run their businesses with an integrated Adobe payment solution.

Payment Services for Adobe Commerce, the industry’s leading end-to-end commerce application for B2B, B2C, and hybrid use cases, will be available soon. The integration of payment services will allow Adobe merchants to have access to a robust and secure service through the app. It will help them manage their Adobe Commerce rather than depending on a third party. 

B2B for Adobe Commerce

Providing a reliable B2B buying experience is essential to succeeding in this ever-evolving digital marketplace. Customers expect a feature-rich digital experience, with which Magento open-source will be more expensive and difficult to deliver. Even newcomers have begun using the Magento enterprise-version, i.e., Adobe Commerce, for B2B and B2C online business after the pandemic. In comparison to traditional physical store sales, they could make the most of online sales.

Adobe Commerce relieves many responsibilities and includes several pre-built features designed specifically for B2B commerce. It means you can quickly add next-generation B2B e-commerce functionality while spending less on platform maintenance.

Adobe Target

With the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), users can personalise shopping experiences, and combine online and offline customer interaction. The goal is to give retailers a comprehensive view of their customers. Retailers can also personalise discounts and recommend products based on recent purchases.

Benefits that will Help Businesses with Adobe Payment Services:

  • Support for Preferred Payment Methods: Merchants using Adobe Commerce will be able to easily accept and process the most common payment methods, like credit and debit cards. Adobe Payment Services also accepts PayPal and Venmo. Additionally, merchants can offer their customers a PayPal pay later option, allowing them to take advantage of the buy now, pay later (BNPL) service.
  • Advanced Reporting: Merchants will have a comprehensive view of their store’s payments and orders. It allows them to generate reports that include information such as processed volume, payment balance, and more. From order placement to fulfillment, the dashboard will provide an end-to-end view of orders. Advance reporting will assist merchants in identifying anomalies in order placements and effectively streamlining after-sales measures.
  • Competitive Processing Fee: Merchants can offer users competitive transaction pricing and tiered transaction pricing based on volume.
  • Integrated with Admin Console: Merchants will have access to key transaction and payment data via their admin dashboard. The payment solution also eliminates the need for merchants to use multiple logins. As a result, retrieving and analysing reports from various payment systems becomes simpler.
  • Fortified and up-to-date: Merchants won’t have to keep looking for security and feature updates from third-party payment gateways. Version upgrades and releases can be implemented quickly. Furthermore, it will help merchants with payment gateway when upgrading to newer versions of Adobe Commerce.


Adobe has taken another step towards making Adobe Commerce an end-to-end platform. That helps merchants with hassle-free payment services. As a technology partner, Alkye Services believes in integrating the latest tech trends so our partners and clients stay ahead of competitors.

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