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A trend that will never stop growing = Social CRM Blog.
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A trend that will never stop growing = Social CRM

December 2, 2021

Social media is more than just a place for friends to connect and share photos. It is the point at which businesses and brands interact with the general public. CRM platforms can now integrate social media management tools. Your options for the best social media CRM software are constantly expanding.

Social CRM: as a business strategy

CRM includes social customer relationship management. Social CRM is a multipurpose tool that assists your business with marketing, sales, and service. Due to its unique position as the interface to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Most social CRMs allow you to plan and schedule all of your social posts. As well as receive reports on how each one performs when it comes to marketing. Anyone who interacts with your content joins your growing network, which leads to increased sales.

Social CRM is additionally a classy address book that collects profile data on all of your social contacts. It also saves every conversation so you’ll provide even better service and support subsequent times you connect

Top 10 CRM Trends: for business

  1. Artificial Intelligence(AI) to Become Vital CRM: Artificial intelligence advancement is not a secret to anyone. Today, this technology is used in a wide range of industries in a variety of areas and functions. Businesses are now looking for AI-powered CRM tools that can assist them with real-time customer data and provide insights into customer behavior, thanks to AI’s ability to automate and empower mundane and time-consuming tasks. 
  1. Channel-less CRM: CRM strategies today are heavily focused on an omnichannel or multichannel approach. Companies can communicate with their customers from anywhere if they make themselves available in this manner. Many business leaders, however, are now considering channel-less CRM. This CRM approach can benefit businesses by increasing efficiency and lowering costs. It is possible to achieve this through the rapid integration of artificial intelligence that recognises the same customer profile interacting with a company through different channels.
  1. Use of Voice Technology in CRM: In consumer-facing industries, voice technology is already gaining traction. In the coming days, it is expected that this technology and CRM will be a perfect match. To make the most of their CRM software, many customer service providers are investing in voice technology. Salesforce, for example, invests in technology like Einstein Voice Assistant to help salespeople track, message, update and notify their teams about relevant customer-oriented data. CRM leaders such as Microsoft, SAP, and others are showing an interest in voice technology.
  1. Integration of Social Platforms into CRM: The number of social media platforms is increasing all the time. Because of the ever-increasing customer activities on various social media platforms, businesses are now talking about social CRM. The social dimension of how businesses view their customers will be significantly enhanced by this new approach to customer relationship management. By integrating social platforms into CRM, they can get a better picture of what people are saying about them on social media and understand the brand sentiment. This will essentially aid businesses in developing their offerings and services based on the data.
  1. Big Data and Analytics-Driven CRM: It’s no surprise that data-driven personalisation of the customer experience is critical to the success of customer interaction. CRM technology enables businesses to collect data on leads and contacts more easily, with systems updating this data in real-time whenever possible. CRM can also facilitate a continuous flow of data thanks to big data and customer data platform software.
  1. CRM’s Integration into IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is already transforming people’s lives and working environments, as well as how businesses operate. IoT devices collect actionable data from existing technologies and transmit it to other devices and systems on their own. Experts now believe that the Internet of Things will continue to improve CRM significantly. Advanced CRM systems can take advantage of this trend by incorporating connections to IoT feeds from devices, as the number of IoT devices is expected to reach 39 billion by 2025.
  1. Business Automation with CRM: Almost every company today is working to automate their business operations to provide better customer service. Many businesses are automating their workflows with CRM software, which has become synonymous with business processes. According to research, paperwork is the biggest time-waster for the majority of business leaders, while in sales, 50% of the time is wasted on ineffective prospecting. Companies will use the best CRM software with advanced automation features to stay relevant to tech-savvy customers.
  1. The Rise of Mobile CRM: Mobile CRM will be greatly aided by a mobile-first strategy. Due to the rapid growth of mobile users around the world, sales teams must incorporate mobile CRM. Offering mobile CRM access will increase the software’s use while also increasing the workforce’s productivity. According to Forester’s statistics, using mobile CRM increased the productivity of 50% of teams.
  1. Growth of Cloud-Enabled CRM Solutions: CRM was once thought to be a costly piece of software that required an entire team of IT professionals to install and maintain. Modern CRM systems are now outfitted with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces that are specifically tailored to the needs of all types of businesses. One of these technologically advanced CRM solutions is cloud-enabled CRM. It is important in today’s business because it is accessible to businesses of all sizes and shapes and can adapt to their changing needs.
  1. Customer Experiences Will Shape the Future of CRM: Without a doubt, one of the most important factors influencing business growth is customer experience (CX). Businesses are under pressure to provide a more effective and improved customer experience as customer expectations rise. Many businesses now believe that managing customer relationships is not only a sufficient solution but can also be used to drive innovation. The customer experience will, in fact, shape CRM’s future. CX complements CRM by enabling businesses to improve customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations, thereby strengthening long-term loyalty.

Social CRM Features

  • Customer Profile: Get a complete picture of everyone you’re connected with on social media, including their age, location, demographics, engagement history, and links to their other profiles. A good social CRM can scan your networks and automatically update people’s profiles when they make changes to their profiles. If you know more about your fans and followers, you’ll be able to provide more personalised content to them.
  • Social Selling: While we’re all on social media for different reasons—professional and personal—a business’s social media presence should never lose sight of its ultimate goal of converting leads into customers and increasing ROI. Many social CRM platforms, particularly Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, streamline customer interest directly to your sales staff or an online shop.
  • Social Listening: Tools in social CRMs allow you to monitor online conversations in real-time for specific keywords related to learning about potential leads and mastering your industry. It’s also crucial that you never forget to mention your brand or product, no matter when or where you’re writing. Thanks to social listening features, your eyes and ears are always vigilant in the digital content universe.
  • Social Media Management: Multiple profiles from various social media platforms are synced using a single social CRM platform. Simple scheduling operations can ensure that a single post is distributed to all relevant channels at the optimal time. All engagements and messages are collected in the unified inbox, which displays fuller social profiles for each conversation. Finally, it provides detailed comparative analytics for all of your posts, posters, profiles, and platforms.

Final Thoughts

Technology is rapidly developing and evolving some new friendly features on many sites and apps. At  Alkye, we are a technology business partner with our clients. We always recommend staying updated with the trends in the market to reach out to the target audience. Social CRM is a trend that will never stop growing. So, we suggest our clients make upgrades and consider changes in their technology. Which are going on the market to help their businesses grow and take market share from their competitors. 

Nicola Bond

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Nicola Bond

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