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A Targeting Tool by Adobe Adobe Target
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A Targeting Tool by Adobe: Adobe Target

March 8, 2022

Adobe Target, a highly specialised software part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, can be a powerful tool for marketers. It serves to improve the customer experience through personalisation. It works in conjunction with digital marketing strategies to boost results and streamline the personalisation process.

What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Target is a digital marketing platform that enables data-driven marketers to test channels quickly and create personalised, high-converting customer experiences. Every stage of the customer journey is tested in order to improve engagement and convert interested leads.

As a part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Target can deliver segment-specific experiences across all digital interactions using any data source. It optimises the mobile app experience based on user behaviour. Adobe’s target context helps marketers stay ahead of changing consumer habits and keep communication strategies up-to-date.

Adobe Target makes it simple to figure out what customers want. A digital marketing team can use Adobe Target to test their website, emails, banners, and apps. Each test helps to discover priority customer segments and how to target them.

How can it be beneficial for your businesses?

  • Auto-Targeting: Adobe Target’s smart auto-targeting feature allows you to provide tailored experiences to your customers quickly and effectively. It does not need any constant tweaking, amendments, or research. To personalise content and drive conversions, Auto-Target employs advanced machine learning to choose from a variety of high-performing marketer-defined experiences.
  • Recommendations: One of Adobe Target’s most powerful features is recommendations, which add an extra layer of personalisation. Customers are encouraged to explore your site further by organic and subtle targeting based on a variety of different algorithms and specific data. It is possible to provide advertising based on a variety of factors, ranging from similar demographics to previous website visits.
  • Geo-targeting: Adobe Target tracks valuable geo-targeting data that can be used for deeper personalisation and customisation, in addition to more general data about visitors and conversions. This information includes the device from which visitors access your platform, allowing for far more precise targeting than more generic methods. Captured data includes everything from time zone to coordinates, browsers, and ZIP code, allowing for invaluable reporting and pinpoint personalisation.
  • Automated personalisation: An influx of data and information about their customers can be extremely valuable to any business. Adobe Target   Automated Personalisation feature(AP) combines offers or messages and uses advanced machine learning. It matches different offer variations to each visitor based on their customer profile. Customisation has never been easier, thanks to built-in learning processes and effective data use.
  • Target augmented: you can also completely customise and tweak your experience to suit your marketing needs. To improve the accuracy of pre-existing visitor IDs and profiles, Adobe Target has tools and functionality to combine third- and first-party data. Your target IDs can be further enriched by connecting this system to an existing CRM, ensuring excellent results over time.


Adobe Target can help you increase revenue from your websites and mobile apps, as well as social media and other digital channels.  As a technology partner, Alkye Services believes in integrating the latest tech trends, so our partners and clients stay ahead of competitors.

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