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Google Cloud Launches AlloyDB

The tech giant is expanding its cloud database portfolio with a new service that improves PostgreSQL database performance and speeds up analytics queries. With the launch of AlloyDB in preview at the Google I/O virtual conference, Google is adding a new cloud database to its portfolio. Users with a large amount of data will now […]

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How HTTP/3 Helps Feed SEO’s Need For Speed?

How HTTP/3 Helps Feed SEO’s Need For Speed?

The web’s evolution is never static. As new technologies emerge, consumer behavior shifts, forcing the internet’s core infrastructure to


Instagram Will Test NFTs With Selected Creators

Instagram Will Test NFTs With Selected Creators 

Have you ever heard of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Are you curious about how they can be used in the workplace? Following Twitter, non-fungible

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Pinterest recently released a new app to make live streaming on the platform easier for creators. The new Pinterest TV Studio app for iOS and Android, according to the app’s description. Creators will be able to go live on Pinterest and use multiple devices to achieve different camera angles. Pinterest Video You have always been able to pin videos from the internet to Pinterest. However, the value and popularity of video content on Pinterest have shifted dramatically over time. These days, Pinterest video is one of the best new tools for discovering even more inspiring ideas. To keep up with the times, Pinterest is constantly adding new features for video content and distribution on the platform. Pinterest added some new features throughout the years: The evolution of Pinterest from an image-centric platform to a video-centric platform has opened up a slew of new ways to add and use videos. Live-Streaming App Launched For Creators Pinterest launched the live-streaming app for the creators and it’s divided into three categories: Multi-streaming and streaming overlay maker. Fabulous Mult-streaming Platform: Multi-stream professional-level live videos in a new and simple way. Go live quickly, simultaneously stream to multiple channels, invite a guest, and dazzle your audience with a genuine branded broadcast. Uniquely Designed Live-Streams Unique-looking broadcast: Set up your live streams in an entirely new way. Drag, drop and rotate on-screen elements to create your own scene layouts. Presets can be saved and used multiple times during a live event. Multiple Cameras and Screen Shares: Multiple cameras can be streamed at the same time. Allow your audience to see you from a different angle to improve viewing experience and engagement. Professional shows also, not just live events. Adjustable Chat Box: Maintain eye contact with the audience and stay on topic with your comments. You can move the chat box around on your screen by detaching it. Live-Streaming Overlay Maker: Custom overlays can be used to enhance your live streams. Create your own assets or choose from pre-designed templates. Animated lower-thirds, banners, shapes, and frames provide endless creative possibilities for a distinctive look and feel. Why create live-streaming overlays? Visual Consistency: To keep your video marketing content consistent, create branded overlays. More Promotional Power: With unique stream graphics, you can draw attention to your flash sales and special offers. Festive Vibes: Make a statement with a holiday or event-themed streamed overlay. Last November, Pinterest launched Pinterest TV, a series of live, shoppable videos from creators focused on food, home, fashion, beauty, DIY, and more. The shows are live-streamed and then archived for later viewing. The brand-new Pinterest TV Studio app has been available on the App Store and Google Play since May 2, 2022, according to Sensor Tower data. Outside of the United States, the app is available in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, indicating a potential global expansion of Pinterest TV efforts. Pinterest issued a statement confirming the app's launch but said it didn't have any additional information at this time. Final Thoughts Technology has been rapidly evolving in recent years, with new features and system upgrades aimed at improving websites and applications. Alkye recommends bringing the most up-to-date technology to our clients as a business partner to help them grow their business.

Pinterest Launches A Live-Streaming App

Pinterest recently released a new app to make live streaming on the platform easier for creators. The new Pinterest TV Studio app for iOS and

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